39 Types of Bar Glasses


Having a well-stocked bar is typically a staple goal of any home-owner. There’s nothing worse than having friends over or settling in for a pleasant, relaxing evening at home only to discover that you lack a decent bottle of wine, beer, or liquor. And while having each and every type of alcohol ready isn’t at all necessary,...

8 Different Types of Solar Panels


Solar Panels

Lately we have been swamped with questions about which solar panels are the best and which the person in question should settle for for their home. In all honesty, we can’t answer these questions seriously. Firstly, because we are no solar panel/alternative electricity source experts, and secondly because choosing the right solar...

17 Types of Fern Plants

Flowers & PlantsKaren

Large Group of Ferns

Let’s start this article with the most amazing fun fact: Ferns are older than dinosaurs! Yes, really! Fossils suggest that some major families of ferns have been around for more than 350 million years! (Does it get any cooler than this?!) Now, some of you might think “that’s cool, but what exactly is a fern?”....

The Ultimate Bachelor Pad Ideas Guide


Modern Bachelor Pad

Hearing the words “bachelor pad” is enough to conjure up quite specific mental images – and, let’s be frank, for many of us these are not particularly inviting ones. I think it’s safe to say that we all have that one friend or acquaintance whose living arrangement puts the creep into the concept of bachelor...

Stunning Backyard Pavilion Ideas for Your Garden


Wooden Pavilion with Comfortable Seating

A garden pavilion is a wonderful way of increasing your living space and making sure you get the most out of your backyard. While we always look forward to the warm months and promise ourselves that this will be the year where we really do enjoy our gardens to the fullest, most of us invariably end up staying inside during those...

13 Types of Plywood

Home ImprovementMatt

Types of Plywood

If you have ever embarked on some sort of DIY-project, be it in your house or garden, you will have encountered the one material you can’t build anything without (or so it seems at least): plywood. And if you’re anything like me, you will probably have thought “well, getting that can’t be too hard” –...

Different Types of Blinds 2018

Home ImprovementMatt

Blinds are one of the most effective and stylish ways of dealing with privacy and shading your home. Where drapes and curtains certainly have their appeal and work wonderfully if you’re only concerned with covering your windows to block out light or prevent neighbours and passers-by to get a good view of you lounging around in your...

12 Chic Pallet Furniture Ideas


In a world where recycling and repurposing resources becomes more and more the norm rather than the exception, reusing pallets is both an easy as well as easy way to start out your eco-friendly DIY career. Pallets are made out of highly durable, strong wood that is perfectly suited to be fashioned into all kinds of furniture without...

47 Different Types of Lilies

Flowers & PlantsKaren

Lilies are not only among the most beautiful flowers that can be found in any garden, they -very unsurprisingly- are also among the most favoured and most recognised ones. And since they are so incredibly popular, it won’t come as a surprise if we tell you, that some of the best known flowers bearing the name “lily”...

Amazing Basement Man Caves Ideas

Living RoomMatt

A (basement) man cave is something many, if not all, people dream of having – and yes, by ‘people’ we mean men and women alike. Typically, the man cave is a place of relaxation, a room to engage in your favourite activities (be it watching sports, playing games, drinking in style, making music, or whatever else floats...