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With front-loading washers and dryers becoming increasingly popular, a whole new type of furniture is at a rise: washer and dryer pedestals.

While you don’t necessarily need to put your washer and/or dryer onto something, and indeed most people outside the Americas don’t tend to do so, there are some points that strongly argue for the use of pedestals. The most notable (and obvious) of them being that the use of a pedestal gives a few inches of height to your front-loaders, which essentially means less bending down and less strain on your back. Particularly those very tall, elderly, or pregnant will greatly benefit from having their washers and dryers elevated.

That’s the upside of using a washer and dryer pedestal.

The downside? The price tag!

As is usual with things that have one very specialised purpose, prices skyrocket in comparison to what those things actually do.

But don’t worry, there are quite a few cheap(er) alternatives to buying a dedicated washer/dryer pedestal, that get the job done just as well, and -in some cases- also add storage space to your laundry room:

Coffee Table

Wooden Coffee Table Used as Washer and Dryer Pedestal
Photo: Pinterest

It kind of sounds obvious, now that you think about it, doesn’t it?

A coffee table typically isn’t too high, more often than not below knee-height, and thus is just the perfect choice for that few extra inches of elevation you’re looking for.

And since coffee tables are either quite affordable in furniture stores, (oftentimes) can be found stored (and forgotten) in attics, basements, or can be bought for a bargain at yard sales, they are a great alternative to regular dryer and washer pedestals.

Before purchasing or picking your new “pedestal”, you want to make sure that the coffee table is sturdy enough to hold the machine plus load plus water. For less sturdy tables you may want to think about adding additional feet (at the very least one pair in the middle of the table top) to enhance stability.

TV Bench

IKEA Besta TV Bench used as Pedestal
Photo: Catalizadores

Another piece of furniture more commonly found in living rooms than in laundry rooms, but which has just the perfect height (and usually sturdiness) to double as washer pedestal alternative.

To keep costs at a manageable level, we highly recommend checking out IKEA’s Besta TV bench, which additionally can be customised with drawers and/or doors to create extra storage space.


Set of Drawers Re-Used as Washer Pedestals
Photo: ImgLabs

If you, someone in your family, or in your circle of friends has had a full wall of shelving units at some point in time and either do want to re-model now, or have done so in the past and have stored the extra bits and pieces they don’t use anymore, there is a good chance that there are some sturdy drawers lying around unused anywhere.

Again, this living room or office furniture is the perfect size and height for using them as washer pedestals, and they, too, offer great extra storage space.

Steel Stand

White Steel Stand with Adjustable Legs
Photo: Bluntstudios

A straightforward solution that probably won’t win any prices for looks, but serves its purpose perfectly and can handle both weight, and eventual spills easily.

You can get a wide variety of differently shaped and sized steel stands in your local hardware store, and you will definitely find a solution that fits your needs to a T!

Built In

Washer and Dryer Built Into a Wall of Drawers and Cupboards
Photo: DecorPad

This might not be a viable solution for every situation, but foregoing a true pedestal for a solution where both washer and dryer are built into a wall of shelves or cupboards can be a great idea as well.

The most notable benefit of this solution is the very simple fact that usually this is the variant where you can get your machines way higher up than with a normal pedestal.

In other words, this solution allows you to mount your washer and dryer at a height where there is no bending at all required to fill/empty the machines.

Additionally, this can be a great solution if you don’t have a separate laundry room and need to find a space for your washer (and dryer) either in your bathroom or kitchen. In the kitchen, in particular, a built in solution with a cupboard door hiding the washer, is simply perfect!


DIY Washer and Dryer Pedestal with Baskets to Sort Laundry Underneath
Photo: Ana White

There are tons of great DIY tutorials for building your own washer and dryer pedestals out there – and most of them do not require you to be incredibly well-versed in the actual building of stuff.

Yes, you might want to make sure first that you know how to drill, screw, sand, and paint wood, and have someone over to help you (bonus points if said person is well versed in the DIY world 😉 ), but other than that it’s perfectly doable!

One of the best-liked DIY plans for pedestals can be found at Ana White, and our example picture is built after this design as well.

Other Ideas

There are a lot of other possible solutions out there that you might want to take into consideration, depending on the question if looks are important to you, or not.

Some examples for other ideas are mounting the washer and dryer on:

  • bricks
  • pallettes
  • (upturned) crates
  • wooden beams
  • a sturdy table top or sheet of metal lying over stacks of old tires, cement blocks, etc.
  • and so much more

Basically, if you can fashion a sturdy, flat surface out of it, you can use whatever material you come across to fashion a simple pedestal out of it.