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The front door, most often, is the first thing people really notice about your home.

Yes, the overall house does have an impact as well, but typically, whenever you arrive at someone’s home for the first time, you give the whole property a perfunctory once-over, trying to get an overall feel for the place, but you really concentrate on the front door – either, because your hosts are already waiting for you, or because that’s the place where you need to go.

Additionally, your front door is also the barrier between your home and the outside world. It is (in most people’s thoughts) the one thing that makes the home a safe place once you close it behind yourself.

And so, front doors need to be two things: secure and (visually) appealing.

Thankfully, most modern front door designs are both!

And if you’re still looking to find your perfect front door – that door that fits your overall house design and provides the best security for you and your family – we have collected a nice overview of what’s there and what’s possible in terms of design.


Wooden Front Doors

Wooden Front Door
Photo: SecretPlus

Wooden front doors are by far the most classic choice of material.

What many people do not realise is that wooden front doors are by far the most expensive choice, if you place value on security.

And yes, wooden doors can offer you a lot of security. If done right, wooden doors can withstand almost anything you throw at them. But this, of course, does come at a price.

So, yes, do go for wooden doors, even if you’re very security conscious, but please don’t settle for those widely available cheap(er) solutions!

Metal Front Doors

Metal Front Door
Photo: Prom

If your main concern is security, you will naturally gravitate towards choosing a metal front door. And while other materials oftentimes offer just as much security, your instinct is still right.

Even in those cases, where other materials offer just as much protection from forced outside entry, a metal door always seems to be more impenetrable. In other words, the choice of visible material alone might be that one factor that deters someone from picking your home to try and break in to.

The most common, and arguable most secure, choice of metal for front doors is classic steel. Steel doors hold up amazingly against both intruders as well as inclement weather beating down on them.

PVC Front Doors

PVC Front Door
Photo: Rianve

PVC is basically a type of plastic, and front doors made out of this material offer all the benefits that you typically associate with plastic products: they are lightweight, durable, and are cheap in terms of production cost.

Modern PVC front doors hold up well against intruders, though other materials may have a slight advantage in this department overall.

What’s great in this material is the very simple fact that they do come in a vast array of colours, even completely outlandish ones, and so they offer incredible value when it comes to individualising your home.

Fiberglass Front Doors

Fiberglass Front Door
Photo: Parmadoors

Fiberglass front doors slowly but surely become the be all, end all of front doors.

They combine the excellent security of metal doors with the good looks of wooden doors (if you choose a wooden finish) and also with the durability (no warping or expanding) and lightweight of PVC doors.

In short, fiberglass doors offer all the best of the other materials, with fewer of the downsides. They are an exceptional choice of material and will make you happy for a long, long time.



Six Panel Front Door
Photo: OldHouseOnline

The panel door is the classic style of front doors.

Usually, the surface is divided into four or six panels, though there can be less or more.

Decorative moldings oftentimes surround each panel, and give the door a rich look that perfectly fits classic and modern home designs.


Windowed Front Door
Photo: Thames Valley Window Company

Just as the name suggests, the windowed door is one that has one or more windows incorporated. These glass panels are also referred to as “lights”.

It goes without saying that this type of front door is particularly well-suited for homes with window-less entrance halls or corridors since they serve to let in natural light. Similarly, this type of door does well with open floor-plans that are light and airy.


Carved Wooden Front Door With Tree Design
Photo: David Frisk 

Carved wooden front doors are increasingly popular.

These doors often have rails and stiles, and come with beautiful, often handmade, carvings either in one or more section(s) in the middle, or spanning the whole door.

As you may have guessed already, these extravagant doors do not come cheap, but their price is well spent and they do leave a lasting impression with all who see them.


Flush Wood-Style Front Door
Photo: Patras – Frames Systems

Flush doors are basically made out of one entirely smooth panel. The materials used can range from basic plywood to hardy fiberglass, and therefore these types of doors can vary greatly in security as well as price.

Flush door designs work best with modern house designs, since they inherently come with a rather minimalist look.