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Riding a bike is something that seems to be a fun and thoroughly uncomplicated past time and mode of transportation when you are a kid. Once you grow older, move out, and start a life of your own (possibly even together with at least one other cyclist), things tend to become complicated very quickly.

If you luck out in life and have the fortune of settling down in a nice suburban house that comes with a spacious garage, a well-sized storage shed, or a friendly, safe neighbourhood that allows to simply prop up your bike next to your front door, we sincerely gratulate you for hitting the jackpot. 

But you probably aren’t here because of your good fortune and endless storage space.

Most likely, if you’re reading this, you know the struggle of loving the freedom a bike offers, but have too little or no space left for your bike.

Particularly in cramped city apartments, the struggle is real. If you’re troubled by the idea of having to accommodate a few of your friends for a relaxed night in without needing to relocate most of your furniture temporary, introducing a bike or two into the mix can become the thing nightmares are made of.  

But never fear! We have collected the most practicable ways to store bikes in even the smallest of spaces for you. And it turns out, most of them are incredibly stylish as well! 

Bike on a Shelf

Bike on a Shelf
Photo: My Modern Met

Why not make your bike the star of your living room? 

That’s what the creators of this bike storage solution seem to have asked themselves before coming up with this clever shelf-bike rack solution. 

In small spaces, we’re generally short on storage and shelf space. This beautiful combo allows you to cleverly store your bike out of the way without sacrificing sacred shelf space. 

Bike in the Closet

Bike in the Closet
Photo: ZAP em Casa

Should you, by some miracle have enough room left, putting your bike out of the way in a closet is a great way to find a suitable home for it. 

Since you most likely don’t have a whole side of your wardrobe left empty, or if you -understandably- balk at the idea of storing your city-dirt carrying bike next to your freshly laundered clothes, equipping an empty stretch of wall in your hall or living room with a narrow closet, just wide enough to fit your bike, might be the way to go. 

This solution, if applicable to your living situation, is a great idea for those who don’t want to store their bike(s) in direct line of sight. 

Bike Under the Stairs

Bike Hanging Under Stairs
Photo: Gessoemsp

The space under any stairs is usually an overlooked and under-utilised asset.  

Not any longer! By mounting bike hooks to the underside of suitable stairs, you can easily create the optimal space for hanging your bike. Depending on the available expanse, you can easily store two or more bikes there without cutting into your actual living space. 

And in addition to being a great way of exploiting otherwise unused room, this way of mounting your bike creates a beautiful contrast between comfortable domesticity and sporty outdoor adventures.

Cover Up Your Bike

Fabric Bike Cover
Photo: Wie Einfach

A flexible fabric cover is the ideal solution if you need to keep your bike inside your apartment and don’t want to invest in storage-furniture, wall-mounts or other, more costly, bike storage options. 

An added bonus to this solution is the very simple fact that you prevent dirt, dust, and mud being dragged all over your home without needing to wipe your bike down after each use. Simply pull the cover on once you’ve reached your front door and everything is safely covered.

For those of you who like it a bit more colourful, there is a wealth of fabric options to chose from. From muted unis, to bright colours with screaming patterns, we doubt there is any taste that isn’t catered for. 

Bike Stand

Bike Stand
Source: HiConsumption

Say goodbye to the images of boring, all metal, utility bike stands you have stored in your memory. These days, bike stands are a work of art!

Many of the design indoor bike stands you will come across are easy to assemble, easy to use (i.e. no drilling required), and more often than not accommodate two bikes instead of just one.

Bike stands come in wealth of materials and forms and therefore can be perfectly integrated into your already established room design. 

Bike on a Bookshelf

Bike on a Bookshelf
Photo: Daily Cool Gadgets

Yes, you have read that correctly! 

With this ingenious, visually unobtrusive invention you can store your bike hanging from a bookshelf! 

We’re always in favour of killing two birds with one stone, and a dual-purpose furniture like this is right up our street. The reduced simplicity of the bookshelf in and of itself is a pleasing addition to any existing design- or colour-scheme, and looks great even when without a bike. Hang up your bike and the shelf instantly turns into a commentary on how a life well spent needs the often elusive balance of intellectual and physical challenge. 

Bike as Room Divider 

Bike as Room Divider
Photo: Post Fossil

Combine the necessary with the practical and save yourself money in the process!

Many studio apartments and single room accommodations require the clever use of room dividers in order to make the room feel more cozy and/or intimate. Very few people really like to inhabit one single open space. Even fewer relish the idea of seeing their dirty dishes in the sink first thing in the morning when they open their eyes. 

A room divider that hosts your bike alongside storage room for helmets, various knick knack, books, blankets, storage boxes, and whatever else you need to tidy away, is a great solution to optimise und utilise the available space. 

Minimalist Bike Pegs

Photo: The Strategist

Mounting your bike on two simply wooden pegs on your wall (or peg board) is undoubtedly the most minimalist storage solution for your home.

This, in itself, is also the best reason to advocate for this option. It’s unobtrusive, reduced, and nearly invisible when not in use (particularly if you chose pegs in or close to the colour of your wall). And it’s perfectly serviceable and secure when a bike is mounted. Add in the factor that you don’t necessarily need special bike-pegs, and you can easily create a convenient bike storage space for very little money. 

Bike on the Ceiling

Bike on a Ceiling
Photo: Po Campo

Employing one of the many available pulley systems is another great way of storing one or more bikes in encroached spaces.

Generally, there are two main options available: pulley systems that hoist the bike up hanging down horizontally, or those that store bikes vertically.

If you’re going with the horizontal option, you once again have the choice between installing the system in a way that sees your bike suspended parallel to a wall, giving the impression that it is held on there by an invisible rack, or installing the pulley system in a way that has your bike suspended as kind of centrepiece somewhere around the room. 

The absolute upside of this kind of system is that it allows you to make use of otherwise generally free spaces. Apart from high bookshelves, lamps or at times hung artwork, the upper ranges of your rooms are hardly ever utilised. 

As you can guess, however, a pulley system is best suited for high-ceilinged homes and will only work with more cramped spaces when you go for the “parallel to the wall” option. 

Bike on Balcony

Bike on Balcony
Photo: Porch.com

You’re one of the lucky few who have lucked out in the apartment-lottery and have secured yourself a pad with a balcony? 

Make good use of it! 

Mounting a bike rack to your balcony wall saves you from making room inside your actual living space and at the same time resolves any dirt-related issues that may arise with the idea of storing a bike indoors.

Since many balconies offer at least some weather protection you should not be in need of additional cover during the warmer months if you chose the location of your bike rack carefully.

Bike on Shoe Shelf

Bike on Shoe Shelf
Photo: InventorSpot

Should you have reservations about actually dragging your used bike into your living- or bedroom, utilising a two-in-one solution for your hall would be a good move.

This beautifully designed shelf doubles as shoe storage, seat, and bike stand, and easily gives a room otherwise usually known for boring practicality a designer twist.

Bike Behind Sofa

Bike behind sofa
Photo: Homecrux

Ever thought about just sticking that pesky bike behind the sofa and be done with it?

Do it!
We’re not kidding! Though we’re also not really suggesting just shoving the bike behind the cushions.

Some clever designers actually have come up with sofa frames that accommodate your bike at the back. Since length is constrained by the average size of bikes, the sofas are really more love-seats than opulent lounging heaven, but since you most likely work around having rather little living space at your disposal anyway, this two-in-one solution might be right up your street. 

Bike Training Indoors

Bike with indoor cycling adapter
Photo: SmartBikeTrainers

And before you go out and get your preferred solution, we have one last idea for you – which you may or may not take all that seriously.

If you love to ride your bike, you will know the withdrawal all cyclists suffer once the weather turns bad. Outsmart nature by utilising a turbo trainer as bike stand slash exercise machine!

Once you’ve strapped in your bike in the trainer, you’re good to go for the next round of cycling. And nobody ever complains about exercising equipment taking up a corner of the apartment, right? So make the best of your need to find a suitable storage space for your bike by reassigning it as necessary exercise bike, and let your wheels eat up a few more miles while dinner is in the oven!