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Buying gifts can be the best thing ever. But also the worst, am I right?

If it’s the latter, it usually comes down to two scenarios:

  • either, you’re trying to buy a present for a person who already has got everything;
  • or you’re looking for a present for somebody in your life you’ve been giving presents to forever, and at least two times per year at that, and now you just have no ideas left.

In both scenarios (and any other “I just can’t find anything I like”-gift-buying-situation) the main problem is that you have run out of places to look for new ideas. We all have our go-to stores when it comes to gift-giving, but let’s face it: even for the best shops, their creativity and supply is limited and we will come to a point where we’ve seen (and bought) it all.

But never fear! We have curated a list of the best online gift stores for you. A list of stores in which you can find anything – from the quirky to the surprising, from the unique to the inspired, from the creative to the extraordinary. No matter what you’re looking for – we promise it’s somewhere in there!

AHA Life

Best Online Gift Stores: AHALife
Photo: AHAlife

AHALife is an all around wonderful lifestyle and home online shop that carters to those loving unique and previously undiscovered items. They sell everything from glass ware to travel accessories and the coolest fire extinguishers you will ever see.

All Modern

Best Online Gift Shops: All Modern
Photo: All Modern

All Modern is an online store for everything you’d need in your home. There’s furniture, accessories, lighting, decorations and whatever else you can think of. And their art section is a special treasure trove for gifts.


Best Online Gift Shops: ban.do
Photo: ban.do

ban.do claim to “encourage joy” – and boy, do they ever! Scrolling through their website is like an injection of good mood and those little “aaaaaah” moments that typically end up with us waiting impatiently for our purchase to arrive. Ban.do carry everything from clothing to bags to planners to pool floaties to lamps and are mainly targeted at a female audience. But that isn’t to say that you won’t score a great find for your (less stereotypical) male friends there as well!


Best Online Gift Shops: Bestplayever
Photo: Bestplayever

Got a film or TV buff in your life? Bestplayever is the place to shop for them! There’s everything from beautifully printed posters to bumper stickers. It’s iconic moments, big emotions and memorable lines!

Boarding Pass NYC

Best Online Gift Shop: Boarding Pass NYC
Photo: BoardingPassNYC

Boarding Pass is a NYC based company that specialises in bags. Now, this might sound boring, but they offer some of the most beautiful, functional, well thought-out bags you will find on the market. And since they sell a certain lifestyle as well, there’s super cool extras that fit the traveling theme to a T: cocktail kits, vintage airline posters, travel souvenirs, and a whole lot more!

Bold Faced Goods (formerly: Fair Goods)

Best Online Gift Shops: Boldfacedgoods
Photo: BoldFacedGoods

BoldFacedGoods (formerly: Fair Goods) is an online store you will simply love if you fall in one of two categories (or both): either you love Canada or you love tags, towels, or air fresheners. Or the person you’re buying for does, at least.

Reading the previous section might not serve to entice you to go check the store out, but we really highly recommend you do if you’re into giving fun gifts or are on the lookout for great stocking stuffers or Secret Santa items.


Best Online Gift Shop: BoyGirlParty
Photo: BoyGirlParty

Boygirlparty is a super cute shop full to the brim with the exquisite designs of artist Susie Ghahremani. You will find everything from pins to baby onesies to weekly planners and back on this site, with every single product featuring one of her super adorable drawings.


Best Online Gift Shop: BuyOlympia
Photo: Buyolympia

Buyolympia is the place to go when you’re looking for affordable gifts for the lover of beautiful and creative things in your life. This page connects innovative creators with a wider audience and thereby introduces you to a wealth of unique products and art. The scope of creativity is about endless and involves everything from seemingly “ordinary” (but stunningly beautiful) greeting cards to a book visually explaining homophones.


Best Online Shop: CatBirdNYC
Photo: CatBirdNYC

If you’re looking for jewellery, CatBirdNYC should be your first stop. And it very likely will be your last.

The NYC based online retailer offers sophisticated, unique and utterly beautiful jewellery that ranges in scope (and price) from dainty friendship bracelet to flashy engagement ring.


Best Online Gift Shop: Designboom
Photo: Designboom

Just as the name suggests, Designboom is a webshop that features products of all kinds that have one thing in common: their unique design.

On the page you can get anything from stationery to house-shaped all-weather tents, and probably some products you wouldn’t have thought actually existed, let alone had a purpose, on top of that. It’s a great place to shop – for friends, for family, for yourself!

Donna Wilson

Best Online Gift Shop: DonnaWilson
Photo: Donna Wilson

The Donna Wilson online shop is -in their own words- a wooly wonderland where patterns and colours collide. And that description is 100% true.

On the page you can shop anything thing from truly unique cushions (that can be personalised as well!), to incredibly cute stuffed animals, to clothes, to bags, to throws, to mugs and plates. It’s a great, wholesome place to be!


Best Online Gift Shop: Farfetch
Photo: Farfetch

Farfetch is the place to shop for the fashion lover in your place. The site features clothes by new designers as well as all the well-known labels.

And if you’re not that well-versed in all things fashion, they have great “most wanted” and “smart buy” categories to help you along the way.

Finest Imaginary

Best Online Gift Shop: FinestImaginary
Photo: FinestImaginary

If you’re on the lookout for one-of-a-kind laser-cut jewellery, creative pins and patches, and a truly wonderful smattering of paper wares, t-shirts, and homewares, FinestImaginary is just your place to shop.

The UK-based online shop sells 100% in-house products – everything from design to laser cut to hand assembly is done right at their premises in Yorkshire.


Best Online Gift Shop: Garmentory
Photo: Garmentory

Garmentory is your go-to site for discovering emerging designers and contemporary fashion. Their online-shop is basically a curated marketplace of indie boutiques and gives you early access to the next big names of the fashion scene.


Best Online Gift Shop: GiftsnIdeas
Photo: GiftsnIdeas

With their tagline “Small Gestures, Big Impressions” GiftsnIdeas sets the bar high, but they do deliver. Literally.

Basically, this site is your go-to place for your every gift delivery need. Everybody can send a bunch of flowers halfway across the globe (though, they do that, too!), but what about a “British Comforts” taster basket for your homesick friend? Or a “Spa Day” gift chest with everything one needs for a day in pampering themselves? Or a “Cheese and Snacks” board? Or a personalised cat/dog ceramic bowl on occasion of your loved one acquiring a new pet? Or a literal message in a bottle? That, and a lot more, can be found on this page and sent to (nearly) any place around the world!


Best Online Gift Shop: Gifts.com
Photo: Gifts.com

This is very likely one of the two best-known, if not most obvious online gift shops on our list. But since Gifts.com isn’t as omnipresent as the other choice is, we have decided to include it into the list instead of sticking it to the other one right at the very bottom.

Anyway, gifts.com is, as the name says, your place to go for gifts online. It really is as simple as that. They sell… well, everything. On just a first glimpse there’s a Cigar humidor, a plush rattles & pacifier set, a bath caddy, a year of seeds, and a personalised casserole baking dish waiting to be seen and gifted right next to each other.

The variety and range of options is mind blowing. And to be honest with you – we like to just go onto the page and brows for a bit of happy endorphins and stress relief.


Best Online Gift Shop: Goop
Photo: Goop

Founded by none other than Gwenyth Paltrow, Goop curates a range of incredible products across the fields of home, fashion, beauty and wellness.

IWOOT (I Want One Of Those)

Best Online Gift Shop: IWOOT
Photo: IWOOT

IWOOT is probably one of the most aptly named gift stores ever. We don’t think that there’s any person out there who doesn’t go “I Want One of Those!” for at least one of the products you can buy on that website.

So what can you get there? Everything! From waterproof notebooks, to kids unicorn suitcases to various movie & TV franchise tie-ins to adult games to briefcase turntables, IWOOT caters to any taste for any occasion.

Kaufmann Mercantile

Best Online Gift Shop: Kaufmann Mercantile
Photo: KaufmannMercantile

There is nothing cheap or flimsy to be found at Kaufmann Mercantile‘s. There is good value, sophisticated looks, and a lot of goods that are just the right pick for the person who values quality over anything else.


Best Online Gift Shop: Kikkerland
Photo: Kikkerland

Do you love the sort of crazy, sort of creative, definitely ingenious and delightful things you can find in museum and speciality shops all around the globe? Then Kikkerland is just the place for you! There you can find all the witty, smartly designed gems that make life easier while making you smile.

Lazy Oaf

Best Online Gift Shop: LazyOaf
Photo: LazyOaf

You know that person in your life that would rather not leave the house than wear anything boring? Buying gifts for them has just become a breeze – just visit the crazy colourful LazyOaf website and discover the fabulous world of bold colours and graphic prints.

Leif Shop

Best Online Gift Shop: LeifShop
Photo: LeifShop

LeifShop is an online shop full of beautiful things. Their products range from stationery to table linen and from home decor to apothecary. If it classifies as a lifestyle product as well as unique and beautiful, chances are, you will find in on the page.

Mina Lima

Best Online Gift Shop: MinaLima
Photo: MinaLima

Is there a Potter head in your life? A true fan of all things magical, Hogwarts and Fantastic Beasts? Then MinaLima, the design studio behind the graphic props of the HP and Fantastic Beasts films, is the place to shop for them!

And while you’re at it, make sure to visit their non-wizarding themed shop as well. There’s such beautiful things to see (and quite a lot of other movie/story designs to be found)!


Best Online Gift Shop: Mouth
Photo: Mouth

We all have a foodie in our life, yes? And sometimes buying gifts for people with exquisit, uncommon, and distinguished tastes is super hard. As is buying gifts for those who love one type of food above all others, but seemingly have tried any and all variations that can be found around them.

But never fear! The people at Mouth know and love their food and promise incredible quality, unique finds, and the support of indie food products and their makers with every purchase.

There’s condiments and tea, nut butters and baked goods, pretzels and cocktails, jerky and jams, seasoning and chocolate, and anything else you can dream of. What more could you want?! (Well, another bite or five, but that’s a different story………)

Need Supply

Best Online Gift Shop: NeedSupply
Photo: NeedSupply

As another fashion online store that mixes new-and-coming designers with firmly established labels, NeedSupply is a great pit stop on your search for the perfect gift for your fashion and lifestyle loving friend.

Snag some shoes, a truly amazing jacket, and maybe an accessory, and round the purchase off with a rummage through the equally stylish Home & Life section that offers anything from desk lamps to stuffed dog toys.

Of a Kind

Best Online Gift Shop: Of a Kind
Photo: Of a Kind

Of a Kind is this wonderful type of store where you can find big or small gifts for everyone and their neighbour without breaking a sweat (or the bank).

Your mum? A beautiful drapey apron. Your dad? A fancy accordion filer. Your sister-in-law? Namaspray the Yoga mat cleaner. Your best friend? That piece of jewellery you know they’ll love. Your college-aged brother? Fun (and unique) card games. Your teenaged goddaughter? Glossy hair clips. Your nephews and nieces? The ultimate “Busy Kids” gift set (which doubles as a gift of blessed down-time for their parents, so – yay!)

You see, One of a Kind has got you all covered!

Old Faithful Shop

Best Online Gift Shop: OldFaithfulShop
Photo: OldFaithfulShop

Driven by the overarching theme of minimalism, the OldFaithfulShop is a wonderful place to discover all things beautiful. Every single one of their products captivates with its design, material and craftsmanship.


Best Online Gift Shop: Pirasta
Photo: Pirasta

Pirasta‘s tagline “For the Colourful” couldn’t be more accurate. What they are doing is selling colouring posters. Black lines on white paper. The rest is up to your recipient!

Plum Print

Best Online Gift Shop: PlumPrint
Photo: PlumPrint

Got kids? Or friends with kids? PlumPrint turns the little one’s artworks into truly unique gift-books for their parents, godparents, grandparents, or anyone who’s up for a bit of surrealism in their life!


Best Online Gift Shop: Poketo
Photo: Poketo

Poketo offers a well-curated, design-conscious webshop selling goods that are meant to facilitate a creative lifestyle. There are totes and notebooks, bike helmets and towels, socks and phone cases.

Pop Chart Lab

Best Online Gift Shop: PopChartLab
Photo: PopChartLab

Do you love pop culture? And infographics? Then PopChartLab is your place to be! They sell great prints and scratch-offs containing just about every infographic imaginable. It’s fun, it’s educational, it’s mind-blowing. It’s just amazing!

Present & Correct

Best Online Gift Shop: Present&Correct
Photo: Present&Correct

Stationery is your giftee’s jam? Then Present&Correct is just the place for you to shop for them! There’s nothing desk, pen and paper you can’t find there… Journals, printing sets, fountain pens, calculators, masking tape – you name it, they have it. And at its most beautiful at that!


Best Online Gift Shop: Prezzybox
Photo: Prezzybox

Prezzybox is where you find all the weird, crazy, lovely, fun, exciting goodness that makes up a really good present. And then some.

And what’s even better than their seemingly limitless number of great products? If you’re unsure about what to look for, there’s the Gift Wizard waiting to help you figure it all out!

Stay Home Club

Best Online Gift Shop: Stay Home Club
Photo: StayHomeClub

Self-described as “a lifestyle brand for people who have no life”, the StayHomeClub offers a range of truly original products ranging from apparel to accessorise to all things home.


Best Online Gift Shop: Sugarfina
Photo: Sugarfina

Sugarfina is the ultimate candy store for grown ups. There’s nothing childish or tacky about the products they sell. All the candy at Sugarfina are artisan goodies, made with love, selected from a spot of passion for the fine and sweet things in life, and just waiting for you to discover them. It’s a treat. Literally. And in the best sense of the word!

Oh, and if you want to, you can create your own gift boxes!


Best Online Gift Shop: Terrain
Photo: Terrain

Terrain, without a doubt, is the place to go if you’re buying for a nature-loving and/or outdoorsy person. There’s everything from big scale presents (fire pit) to little gifts (face mask for air travel) on this site, and once you start foraging, you will find a treasure trove of beautiful things.

Three Potato Four (3P4)

Best Online Gift Shop: Three Potato Four
Photo: ThreePotatoFour

At ThreePotatoFour you will find old vintage goodies interpreted in a new, astonishing, and super fun way. Shopping at 3P4 brings back the lollipop coloured nostalgia and memories of the “good old times” in the most beautiful way.

Uncommon Goods

Best Online Gift Shop: Uncommon Goods
Photo: UncommonGoods

Just as the name promises, on UncommonGoods you can find beautiful things that you won’t get anywhere else. They specialise in goods from independent makers and offer (mostly) handmade wares that leave a positive impact on both the producers and buyers/receivers lives as well as the planet as a whole (no product on their page is made with leather, feathers or fur, for example). This is what gift-buying with a really good conscience looks like.


Best Online Gift Shop: Verameat
Photo: Verameat

Verameat is a jewellery store, yes. But. What makes Verameat so special is the fact that each and every one of their designs is inspired by (and we’re quoting here) a self-sufficient life form with a sculptural presence. What that means? Go and find out for yourself!


Best Online Gift Shop: Vinebox
Photo: Vinebox

Vinebox is a premium and unique online wine retailer. Premium, well, because they deal with really good wines. And unique because they don’t actually sell you the bottles as you are used to them. Instead, at Vinebox you can find the perfectly curated gift-boxes for your wine-loving friend, or subscribe them to a box of surprising wine choices delivered to their doorstep every three months.


Best Online Gift Shop: VivaTerra
Photo: VivaTerra

VivaTerra is the place to shop all things green living. Their wares are recycled, handmade, responsibly fashioned, and eco friendly. There’s a wealth of beautiful items to be found, and we couldn’t recommend this shop enough.


Best Online Gift Shop: Wouf
Photo: Wouf

Made in Spain, Wouf‘s collections celebrate the creative youth, urban jungles, vivid imaginations and the tireless beat of the night.


Best Online Gift Shop: Etsy
Photo: Etsy

And last, but not least, the ultimate online gift shop you are all familiar with: Etsy. If you can dream it up, we’re sure it’s somewhere on that platform. Whether it’s some pop-culture reference, fan-art, handmade goods, the most beautiful and useful stationery or specifically tailored clothes, Etsy deals with it. You’ve just got to find it!

This is our list of the best online gift shops, but we are sure you know of some gems that have passed us by in the wealth of possibilities out there. Share your unique knowledge and let us know what we have missed out on in the comments below!