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Winter is a most wonderful season, isn’t it? It’s the time to enjoy steaming cups of cocoa, roasted chestnuts, cookies, and all the yummy comfort foods. And it’s the season for cozy jumpers, thick blankets, and warm baths.

But sometimes, that just isn’t enough.

The cold of winter can sometimes creep into our homes despite the best central heating system. And once it takes hold, it is hard to shift from any room again.

But there are some gadgets that can see you through even the most freezing of Decembers warm and happy: space heaters. These little devices are super handy, can be used in a variety of locations, and keep you toasty warm even in the most adverse conditions.

In short, they are a real must-have if you live in a climate that knows harsh winters and temperatures way below freezing. And if you don’t, then that’s typically the best reason to invest in a personal space heater. Homes in warmer climates usually do not come with elaborate central heating systems; and that is exactly the reason why people living there are often very familiar with the sound of their teeth clattering as they lay in bed trying to will some heat into existence.

As you can see, there really are no reasons to not have a space heater at the ready. And to make picking one as easy as possible, we have collected the best heaters to have around in winter for you here:

Lasko CD09250 Ceramic Portable Space Heater

Best Heater for Winter: Lasko CD09250

Lasko’s compact space heater brings comforting warmth to any room.

The classic design heater has easy-to-use manual controls  and an adjustable thermostat for optimum personalised comfort. The heater’s 1500 watt ceramic heating element can be set to any of the 11 different temperature settings and adds quick warmth to any room via its fan.

The heater is small and easy to carry with its built-in handle, so moving it from room to room and taking it with you wherever you need it is no problem at all.

The Lasko is packed with safety features, for example: an overheat protection that automatically shuts off the heater if it is left on for too long; a cool-touch exterior that makes sure it is always safe to touch and move the device without any fear of burns.

Key Features:

  • 1.500 watts
  • 11 temperature settings
  • 3 modes of use (high heat, low heat, fan)
  • Small
  • Built-in carrier handle
  • Overheat protection with auto shut-off
  • Cool-to-touch exterior

Dr Infrared Heater’s Portable Space Heater

Best Heater for Winter: Dr Infrared Heater Portable

Dr. Infrared Heater’s portable infrared space heater delivers up to 60% more heat than comparable products.

Equipped with an advanced dual heating system, that combines a PTC and a quartz infrared element, and a super quiet high velocity blower, this heater generates heat fast and distributes it even quicker.

It comes with an energy-saving auto mode for your convenience (keeps the room at a selected temperature between  50 and 86°F), but can also be manually switched to high or low heating.

Another huge plus of the Dr Infrared Heater is that its infrared technology helps to retain the moisture in a room. This means, that it ultimately does not dry out skin as much as other heaters do.

The 1.500 watt heater comes with safety features like its tip-over protection and an auto shut-off overheat protection, both of which make it a great choice for day and night use.

The heater comes with an infrared remote control and can comfortably heat spaces up to 1.000 square feet.

Key Features:

  • 1.500 watt infrared heater
  • Up to 60% more heat output per hour
  • Combines infrared and convenient heating systems
  • Extra large, extra quiet fan to distribute heat
  • Energy-saving auto mode (set to temp. between 50 and 86°F)
  • Manual high or low heat settings
  • Tip-over protection
  • Overheating protection with auto shut-off
  • 12 hour auto shut-off
  • Remote control
  • Heats spaces up to 1.000 square feet

Brightown Ceramic Space Heater

Best Heater for Winter: Brightown Ceramic Space Heater

Brightown’s ceramic space heater is a versatile, hight-performance heater that will serve you well indeed.

The quiet heater comes with a safe ceramic heating element and 3 heating-settings. It instantly provides you with convenient and comfortable warmth and is the perfect heating solution for dorms, bedrooms, offices, and many other medium sized living spaces.

Brightown’s heater is super energy efficient, quiet and incredibly portable. With just 3.65 lbs it is very lightweight, and its convenient carry handle makes taking it from room to room even easier.

The 1.500 watt ceramic heater is protected from overheating with an auto shut-off feature, is always cool to touch no matter how long it has been in use already, and a well-encased ceramic heating element that you cannot burn yourself on by accident or design.

Key Features:

  • 1.500 watt ceramic space heater
  • 3 heating settings (high heat, low heat, fan)
  • Adjustable thermostat
  • Lightweight (3.65 lbs)
  • Carrying handle
  • Overheating protection (auto shut-off)
  • Cool-to-touch surface
  • Quiet
  • NOT for use in humid environment (e.g. bathrooms)

Vornado MVH Vortex Heater

Best Heater for Winter: Vornado MVH Vortex Heater

Vornado’s MVH vortex heater is an effective device for keeping your home warm and maintaining your preferred heat and comfort levels.

The heater comes with three heat settings, which you can select via an easy-to-use thermostatic temperature control knob. This isn’t what sets this heater apart from its competitors, though.

Vornado’s signature vortex heat circulation distributes warm air reliably and evenly throughout the room. Unlike typical heaters whose hot coils create areas of extreme heat directly around the heater, the MVH puts out gentle heat that spreads comfortable warmth everywhere.

The heater is whisper-quiet and comes with advanced safety features for completely worry-free use. For example, a tip-over switch automatically cuts the heat and power to the unit if tipped over; the heater’s exterior remains cool to the touch, even after hours of extended operation.

Key Features:

  • 1.500 watt vortex space heater
  • Vortex system for even warmth distribution
  • 3 heating options (low, medium, high)
  • 7 thermostat settings to maintain perfect temperatures
  • Whisper-quiet
  • Tip-over off switch
  • Auto shut-off when overheating
  • Cool-to-touch exterior
  • For medium sized spaces

Mulandd Ceramic Space Heater

Best Heater for Winter: Mulandd Ceramic Space Heater

Mulandd’s portable ceramic space heater will thoroughly and efficiently warm up your surroundings and is small enough to be placed on any coffee-table or desk for additional comfort.

The powerful 1.500 watt heater operates quietly and provides you with 3 modes of operation: high heating, low heating, and fan only. It is incredibly fast heating – equipped with PTC ceramic heating elements, the heater is up and running in just 2 seconds. And on top of all that, the heater also has a better heat dissipation compared to other devices. This basically means that it is better at radiate heat in multiple directions, and thus warming the room quicker.

Its compact design, high portability (carry handle), and low noise (50db) make it perfect for use in dorms, bedrooms, and offices. This is underscored even further by its safety measures: tip over protection that shuts the heater off when it tilts or tips, overheat and over-current protection.

Key Features:

  • 1.500 watt ceramic heater
  • 3 settings: high heat, low heat, just fan
  • Fast heating: up and running in 2 seconds
  • Better heat dissipation
  • Compact design – fits on tables and desks
  • Quiet (50db)
  • Easy to transport (carry handle)
  • Tip-over protection
  • Overheat- and over current protection
  • Safe for use on carpets


Q: Does a personal space heater replace central heating systems?


At least, not in 99.8% of the cases, we think.

If you are lucky and live in a climate where nice, warm temperatures are prevalent all year round, then a space heater for those couple of nights where you get a bit chilly will be enough.

Everybody else needs a (central) heating system or alternative means of creating heat (fireplaces, etc.) for general use and one or two space heaters on top of that.

Q: Why would I need a space heater if a have central heating?

For additional comfort, basically.

We all know those days in early fall where temperatures suddenly drop and we get chilly, but it’s not nearly cold enough to actually turn on the heating just yet. That’s where space heaters come in handy.

Or those incredibly chilly days in the midst of winter where stormy gusts and low temperatures manage to creep into your home despite all the heating you do. That’s the perfect moment to bring out a space heater.

Oh, and don’t forget the awful, awful first few hours when you get back to a cold, wintery house after you’ve been away for a week. Having been on vacation to some warmer places doubles the horror. A personal space heater quickly becomes a life-saver in those moments.

These and many more situations are why it’s always a good idea to have a space heater stored away somewhere. You will thank us later.

Q: What do I need to consider before buying?

Four things come to mind:

  • Power: basically, you will not want to go for anything under 1.500 watts (max) output. Everything below that might be okay in warmer climates, but they won’t really generate enough heat to noticeably raise a room’s temperature.
  • Size: As you typically only have one or two heaters per household, you will want to buy one that is compact enough to be easily carried around, and possibly even put onto (coffee) tables so you get that lovely face-full of warm air to quickly warm you up. Also – size matters when it comes to storing the device away! You really don’t want to have to dig through your whole attic or basement just to find it on that first cold fall evening!
  • Noise: The quieter, the better, for obvious reasons. Space heaters typically are only in use if a room is used as well. So you want to make sure that you can comfortably talk, watch TV, or even sleep next to it.
  • Settings: You know the climate you live in best. Do you need a lot of different settings and levels of heat output to be able to adjust to any temperature situation you may encounter? Or is a basic “lots of heat”/”little heat” distinction all you need to comfortably make do? Do you want a built-in thermometer and (as often goes hand-in-hand) an automatic mode that keeps the temperature in the room at a certain level?

Everything else (design, way of generating heat, etc.) is purely up to your preferences.