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The rustic design style is one of the most popular looks at the moment. And you think your bedroom would be the perfect place to start incorporating this style?

You’re absolutely right! That’s why we’re going to show you how you can implement the rustic chic without having to completely re-model your house to a log-cabin.

But before we get to the details, let us briefly look at the rustic style itself:

Basically, a rustic design means the creation of a comfortable and peaceful space with the use of old-fashioned decor and materials. Forget about gleaming chrome and ultra-moden, sleek lines. Rustic designs are natural, playful, and incredibly charming.

The main inspiration source for rustic designs are barns and log-cabins, and so it doesn’t surprise that many of the prevailing style elements are taken straight from mother nature:

  • Basic colour-schemes are often white and brown (wood), or white on white to make the room appear airier
  • Wood panelling is a common theme
  • Natural textures and fabrics like linen and (faux) fur are big
  • Distressed wood is used for furniture and frames
  • Details like decorative skulls, farmhouse style hardware, and floral arrangements prevail
  • In terms of style everything goes: natural, vintage, shabby chic, minimalism, industrial style, feminine style,…

And now that we have covered the ground rules of the style, let us show you how to add some rustic flair to your bedroom with some simple to implement decorating ideas!

Barn Doors

Rustic Bedroom Decoration: Barn Doors as Headboard for your Bed
Photo:  Lures and Lace

Barn doors, obviously, are a huge thing in rustic decorations. But don’t worry, you don’t need to re-model your room to fit in a new, huge sliding door!

Get creative instead! Why not re-use old barn doors as a headboard for your bed? Or install a barn door as sliding door on your wardrobe instead of your old, plain door?

It’s the look that matters, not necessarily the function (though if you can make both work for you, all the better!).

Ladder Nightstand

Rustic Bedroom Decoration: Old Ladder Reused As Three-Tiered Nightstand
Photo: Twelve On Main

Sometimes changing the style of the room can be as easy as swapping out the expected with the unexpected.

Instead of making use of your “normal” nightstand, dig out an old, rickety ladder, lay sheets of wood across the individual rugs and voila! Your new, rustic nightstand!

Old Wood Panels

Rustic Bedroom Decoration: Use Old Wood Panels to Create a Headboard and Ceiling Frame Around the Bed
Photo: Wee Shack Home Furniture Ideas

We know that many, if not most, modern apartments and houses do not come with wood-panelled walls, so going for the rustic log-cabin style might seem impossible for you.

But don’t worry, you don’t need actual wooden walls to create the look! How about creating a wooden “frame” around your bed by fixing beautiful old wood panels to the wall and ceiling behind and above your sleeping place? This is a simple, yet stylish way of creating a rustic log chic in even the most modern of rooms.


Rustic Bedroom Decoration: Pillows! Mountains of Pillows on the Bed!
Photo: FineFurnished

The secret to creating rustic bedroom coziness? Pillows! More Pillows! And then some more pillows!

In essence, you should aim to create a veritable mountain of pillows on your bed!

The only rule? Stick with one overall colour scheme for your room. Light colours are a given, the rest is your choice!


Rustic Bedroom Decoration: Light-Pink Flowers in a Glass Vase on the Nightstand
Photo: The DIY Mommy

As we have said before, all things nature are a staple for decorating rustic bedrooms. So it’s only logical to literally bring nature into the room.

Those beautiful blooms on the bush in your front garden? Those first bright spring flowers springing up in your backyard? Or just that lovely summer-flower arrangement you saw at the florist’s on your way to work this morning? Put them in a vintage vase (a simple glass vase usually looks great!) and add a vibrant splash of colour to your bedroom!

Old Dresser

Rustic Bedroom Decoration: an Old White Dresser With Noticable Signs of Wear Re-Used As Nightstand
Photo: Delawaredestroyers

If you’re going for the rustic design style, yard sales are your best friend. See if you can find some beautiful old items of furniture, for example dressers, that fit your idea of the bedroom of your dreams.

Signs of wear, like a splintered coat of colour, are no faults – they are exactly what you are looking for to create the used, slightly shabby feel of a good rustic bedroom design.

String and Clothes Pins

Rustic Bedroom Decoration: Photographs Pinned to a String of Yarn With Clothes Pins
Photo: Reusero

Forget about neatly framing and mounting your most cherished fotos. Go the easy, the rustic way!

Simply hang a thread of yarn across a wall, and pin your fondest memories and most cherished people on there with the help of wooden clothing pins. It’s simple, it’s effective, and it’s so charming!


Rustic Bedroom Decoration: Old Wooden Trunk at the Foot of the Bed
Photo: ImgLabs

What’s better than a great piece of decoration that doubles as a bench and creates additional storage space in your bedroom? Nothing. Exactly!

Use an old, sturdy wooden trunk at the foot of your bed to hold extra cushions, linen, or whatever else you want to keep within easy reach but out of sight. And the fact that this trunk easily doubles as a bench to hold either yourself, your clothes, or various knick-knack is just an extra bonus!

Chunky Crochet & Fake Fur

Rustic Bedroom Decoration: A Chunks XL-Crochet Throw on the Bed and a Shaggy Fake Fur Spread on the Floor Create a Rustic Feeling
Photo: homei.foreignluxury.co

As our example picture shows, it takes only a few small details to give even a very modern room a rustic touch.

In this case, a wonderfully chunky XL-crochet throw thrown across the foot of the bed in combination with a similarly coloured fake fur rug on the floor are enough to give an otherwise modern room a cozy, rustic touch.

Distressed Wood Mirror

Rustic Bedroom Decoration: Full Length Mirror With a Distressed Wood Frame Leaning Against the Wall
Photo: AlexisVargas

Full length mirrors are always a godsent in any bedroom. If you manage to find a beautiful example with a distressed wood frame, you have hit the decorations jackpot!

Lean your lovely mirror against the wall to further underscore the careless, shabby chick that goes so well with the overall rustic design style, and you’re in for greatness!


Photo: The Budget Decorator

Antlers are a big item when it comes to rustic bedroom decorations. But we totally understand if you don’t want to mount a full animal skull over your bed.

If you still want to implement this design ingredient, why not try something different? Antlers are also great to hang things off of. A small antler mounted on a nice, distressed board, or directly against the wall, for example, is a great place to hang your jewelry from to keep necklaces untangled.

Which are your favourite rustic bedroom decoration elements? What is still missing from our list? Let us know below!