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When you’re expecting a baby, whether it’s your first or there is already a whole football team of siblings running around, a lot of time is spent on researching the best available furniture, accessories, stroller, clothing,… currently on the market.

Invariably, one of the most debated choice for any new child being added to the family is the crib. 

While the topic seems very straightforward in the beginning, expecting parents, and first-timers in particular, very quickly find out that exactly the opposite is true. There are cribs, and then there are cribs – some have an incorporated changing table, others grow with your child, others again can be converted into a play pen once your baby is older, some have wheels for convenience, others have drapes, built-in mobiles or night-lights,… As you can see, the possibilities are vast, and we haven’t even covered half of the options available.

But there is an even more fundamental difference when it comes to cribs – its shape. 

We have all seen (and probably used) the classic crib at some point in our lives. A classic crib is rectangular, and most often made out of wood. It can have drapes of some sort, but in general is a very plain, very practical piece of furniture. (Not that there’s anything wrong with that, mind!)

There are, however, different options for those who would like to have something more exciting in their nursery.

Round cribs, as a rule, are a great alternative to the classic crib, and they do come with a few advantages compared to their rectangular ancestors. The first, and most important one, is that round cribs generally take up less space. For those working around small spaces, this alone can be the deciding argument. When it comes to giving your nursery a unique look, round cribs also are the perfect choice. While they can be easily located tucked into a corner, round cribs shine brightest as centrepiece in the middle of the room. Additionally, you might read that round cribs are less of a health hazard than rectangular ones at some places. This is in part true. We don’t believe that classic cribs come with more danger of hitting your knees, banging your shins, or stubbing your toes than any of your other furniture as is often implied. What is true, however, is that round cribs pose less of a threat for accidents once your baby starts to move around the floor of its own volition. Where there are no corners, possible head-meets-wood moments are a lot less painful in the grand scheme of things. 

If you like the more gentle look of a curved crib, but don’t want to go all in, or need to be able to place the crib alongside a wall, an oval crib might be the perfect middle ground. This way you still get the rounded corners and unique look, but at the same time still keep more closely with the style of a classic crib.

As with many “new” designs, there are a few disadvantages to choosing a round or oval crib as well. As we have implied already, round cribs generally don’t work well aesthetically when placed alongside a wall. (But then again, if you settle for a round crib you most likely don’t want to place it there anyway!) More importantly, you may have trouble finding suitable bedding and accessories for round and oval cribs. Most of the available cribs still are of the classic variety, so the majority of bedding, add-ons, drapes, and the like are geared towards this option. But that is about the extent of disadvantages for choosing a different style of crib. 

To make life in this exciting time a bit easier for you, we have collected some of the most beautiful, practical, and generally best available round and oval cribs currently on the market for you. Have fun browsing, good luck for choosing the best fit for you, and -of course- our heartfelt congratulations for the little addition to your family!

Stokke Sleepi System

Sleepi System by Stokke
Photo: SimplyBabyFurniture

The Sleepi system by Stokke is one of the most adaptable choices when it comes to baby furniture. 

The Sleepi starts out as a beautiful oval crib for your new-born and grows with your child for up to 10 years.

With the wealth of available add-ons and extensions, the Sleepi is the perfect system that will accompany your child for years on end. Additionally, you have the choice between three to five colours (depending on which system you go for exactly), so matching it to an already existing colour-scheme and nursery decor is very easy. 

Ubabub Pod Crib

Pod Crib by Ubabub
Photo: Buybuy Baby

The Pod crib by Ubabub is without a doubt the most modern design on the crib market. With its rounded edges and see-through sides this crib is a truly futuristic addition to your nursery.

The Ubabub pod comes with adjustable mattress heights to ease picking up your baby while it is still very small, and help protect your toddler once it starts standing up by itself. Additionally, the pod grows with your child and can be converted to a junior bed when required. 

One of the most obvious advantages of this design is that the Ubabub pod offers a “bars-free” view of the world around it to your child, while still providing the safety of an enclosed space thanks to the eco-friendly plywood head and foot walls. Additionally, there are airflow vents laser-cut into the clear sides to guarantee a good climate inside the crib without danger of small fingers getting caught in the openings.

Badger Basket Round Bassinet  

Round Bassinet by Badger Basket
Photo: BadgerBasket

The round cherry-wood bassinet by Badger Basket is the perfect choice for those looking for a very traditionally looking crib. 

With its white drapes and floor-length cloth covers, the bassinet wouldn’t have looked out of place in a royal nursery, the grand country estate of an Earl, or in an upper-class town house.  

An additional bonus to this crib is the ample storage space hidden behind the skirt and the equally hidden caster wheels that allow for easy movement within your home.

Dream On Me Sophia Posh Crib

Sophia Posh Crib by Dream On Me
Photo: Dreamonme

You want to create a fairy-tale nursery for your little princess or prince? Then the Sophia Posh crib by Dream on Me is the perfect choice for you.

The circular crib comes in different wood-types and colours and evokes memories of every fantasy film you’ve seen in your childhood. With its white drapes and ruffles at the bottom, this crib could have easily been snatched away from the set of a royal palace of Hollywood’s latest fairy-tale adventure. 

The Sophia Posh comes with non-drop side rails and four different mattress height settings to accommodate your growing baby. 

RH Baby&Child Ellery Round Crib

Ellery Round Crib by RH Baby&Child
Photo: RHBaby&Child

The Ellery Round Crib by RH Baby&Child is the perfect choice for parents who like the circular look, but don’t want the frills, drapes and canopies.

The beautiful, yet simple design fits any nursery decor and the lovingly crafted details give a subtle, understated elegance to the understated overall look of the cradle.

The Ellery Round Crib comes with a hypoallergenic, easy-to-clean mattress, and offers 3 separate height settings for your convenience.