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Colour can and does bring life to any room. We all know about the drastic changes decorating with bold colours can make in any given room and how much appearances can and do change by simply switching out accessories in one colour to another.

Once the colours are more prominent that simple decorations and accessories, and are on one or more walls, however, its oftentimes way harder to make the room work.

Red walls, in particular, can be challenging. They do look fabulous, though, and in bedrooms in particular, so we have gathered some of the best decoration guidelines to make your red bedroom look great below.

Pick a Darker Shade

Dark Red Bedroom Wall Colour
Photo: Openall

While a bright red may be a wonderful colour-choice for a wall of a living-room or kitchen, you should pick a more subdued, darker shade of red for your bedroom walls.

The dark red creates a cozy atmosphere that helps to generate the kind of mind-set you need to easily slip into good dreams. 

Create Elegance

Red Bedroom Wall and Ceiling with Elegant White Furniture
Photo: Phil Kean Design Group

Combine luxurious white furniture, and expensive (looking) rugs with your red walls to create an elegant, sophisticated style.

Use Complementary Colours

Red Bedroom With White Bed, Fireplace, and Light Blue Armchair
Photo: Faburous

A room with all four walls painted in red can quickly become a tad claustrophobic.

In oder to offset the colourful walls closing in on you, use light blues or whites to offset the red. As our example shows, these colours immediately lighten the room and turn an otherwise potentially constrictive environment into beautifully airy spaces. 

Dark (Wood) Furniture

Red Bedroom Walls Offset With Dark Wood Furniture
Photo: Blogtipsworld

On of the best choices for red bedrooms is dark coloured furniture. Wood in particular matches incredibly well with red walls, but only in its dark varieties.

Make sure to combine the dark furniture with lighter floors or accessories to prevent making your bedroom an uninviting, dark hole.

Create Focal Points / Use as Accent and Highlight

Red Accent Wall With Lighting
Photo: Forma Design

If you want colour in your bedroom, but don’t (yet) want to commit to a fully painted wall, test the waters with red accents.

Draw the eye by painting a particular feature of the room’s wall (e.g. an alcove, or a shelf set into the wall) red and really highlight it with light.

Less Is (Sometimes) More

Bedroom With One Red Walls That Picks Up The Colour in Acessories, Furniture, and Drapes
Photo: Mil Ideas de Decoración

Select one wall of your bedroom to be paint in a vibrant red, and leave the other ones in lighter colours.

Let your chosen colour shine by picking up the red in your furniture, headboard, accessories, bed linen, etc. This way you create a stunning, colourful look that lets your room shine without the danger of being overbearing. 

Mix With Monochromes

Bedroom with Black and White Furniture
Photo: Steval Decorations

As we have discussed before, black and white mix particularly well with red walls.

Make use of monochromes to off-set your wall colour and create a stylish, modern look that won’t ever go out of style. 

Go For Theatrical Drama

Bedroom With Red Velvet Drapes
Photo: Gruppo C’E

Make use of our cultural conditioning and create a dramatic, theatre-inspired look by going all-out with your chosen hue of red.

Invest in good quality red velvet curtains, a red shag-carpet, red throws, and the like to create a cinematic, theatrical look that easily transport you into another century. 

As our example picture shows, using red velvet tapestry is another way of creating red walls without having to restore to painting them.

Go East!

Japanese Style Bedroom
Photo: Imgrez

Be inspired by Japanese bedroom designs and create your very own zen-oasis in your bedroom.

Use the sparse decoration and furniture of Japanese homes to create a unique, uncluttered space of calm and tranquility. 

Add in a couple of true eastern staples like a futon bed, and your red bedroom could just as well be located in Tokyo, Osaka, or Kyoto!

Flaunt Your Eccentricities  

Bedroom Done Up In Red and Pink Velvet
Photo: DailyMail

Ever fancied yourself sleeping in a 70s inspired, flamboyant bedroom done up solely in velvet? This is your chance!

For a less over-the-top look, we suggest combining your red bedroom-walls with animal-prints or patterns to create a truly unique, eccentric style.