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In a world where recycling and repurposing resources becomes more and more the norm rather than the exception, reusing pallets as furniture is an easy way to start out your eco-friendly DIY career.

Pallets are made out of highly durable, strong wood that is perfectly suited to be fashioned into all kinds of furniture without having to even think about whether your new DIY project will turn out sturdy enough to hold up however many people. 

Another undeniable factor that makes pallets so wonderful for any furniture project is the very simple fact that the wood used is rather weather resistant. In other words, you won’t need to scramble to get your patio furniture covered whenever a raincloud looms on the horizon if you choose to use pallets outdoors. 

And the biggest plus of self-made pallet furniture: the endless possibilities! No matter what you have in mind, or how much or little space you have for it, DIY pallet furniture is always the most customised furniture you will be able to lay your hands on. There is just no way you’ll need to make compromises on shape, size, design, or colour if you simply make it yourself! 

(And if you’re really all thumbs, there is also quite a variety of already made pallet furniture available in stores these days!)

To give you some fodder for thought and kickstart your inspiration, we have collected a variety of pallet furniture ideas for you below.

Outdoor Seating

Pallet Outdoor Seating
Photo: Homebase

You really don’t need to be a consummated DIY-er to be able to create this outdoor seating.

All you’ll need is a handful of sturdy wood screws (and/or nails), and a few pallets. And a screwdriver. Obviously.

Choose the number of pallets depending on how big your outdoor seating area should be, multiply the number by three (two pallets stacked for the seat itself and a third one for the backrest for each of the sections), and you’re as good as done! 

Coffee Table

Pallet Coffee Table
Photo: My Apartment Story

Probably the easiest of all pallet DIY furnitures, this coffee table is a real looker with little effort to create.

All you’ll need to do is stack two pallets, screw them safely together, and -if you’re a bit more ambitious- mount them on four small rollers to make it easier to move around. 

For the more DIY-minded and practised among you, you could also mount the upper pallet on hinges to enable the table to be opened, and cut out a section of the upper part of the lower pallet to create a storage space inside. 

Outdoor Bar

Pallet Outdoor Bar
Photo: Tina Dalbøge

You need an easy to fashion outdoor bar or shelf? Nothing easier than that!

Mount two pallets back to front, colour in whatever shade works best for your house or garden design, place it standing against a wall, and create a tabletop by laying stone slabs or tiles on top. If the stones used are heavy enough, you won’t even need to affix them to the pallets below! 


Pallet Armchair
Photo: BoredArt

This armchair is a more involved DIY project, but still perfectly doable if you have a little time on your hands.

To create this chair, you’ll need pallets in good condition, and a couple of cushions to make the end-product a place where you’ll want to while away the hours of the day.

What makes this chair so wonderful is the ample storage space that is naturally created by the pallets used as sides and seat. 

Outdoor Chill Out Group

Outdoor Pallet Chill Out Seating Group
Photo: PaletsOnline

A quick and easy way to create a chill out group to enlarge your outdoor seating options is by throwing a couple of pallets together and top them off with some nicely padded cushions.

Add in a pallet mounted on rolls to create a coffee table, and there’s nothing to stop you and your friends from whiling away balmy summer nights in comfort. 

Sun Lounger

Pallet Sun Lounger
Photo: Wohn-Blogger

There’s one thing no backyard or porch should be without in order to be able to make the most of those warm, sunny summer days: a sun lounger.

For those of you with a little bit of DIY experience, fashioning a sturdy, serviceable lounger is a quick and easy (and incredibly cost-efficient) task. Basically all you have to do is mount a second pallet (or half of one, depending on how big you want your backrest to be) to your pallet-seat at an angle and you’re good to go. 

If you wish for something a bit more fancy, you could mount the backrest on a hinge and fashion a base to make it hight-adjustable. 

Garden Bar

Pallet Garden Bar
Photo: Ohomie

A good summer-slash-garden party needs an outdoor bar, right?

Well, nothing easier than that! You’ll only need a handful of pallets to create the “walls”, a few wooden boards for the bar counter, four poles that hold the roof up, and another couple of pallets for the roof itself, and voila! A basic backyard bar of your very own!

Decorate with some fairy lights or candles, stock up on all your favourite beverages and a bucket of ice, and have fun! 

Home Theatre Lounge

Pallet Home Theatre Seating
Photo: LuvThat

Fashioning an inexpensive alternative to store-bought theatre seats for your very own home theatre is a great way to save some money and make up for spending a tad more money on good quality screen and projector than you had originally planned for.

All you need for a comfortable, relaxing lounging area to enjoy your favourite films from is a number of pallets (single stack for the first row, double stacked for the second, and so forth), thick and comfortably padded seat cushions (or old mattresses you don’t want to throw out), and a few large cushions that double as back rests. 

This project is quick, easy, and highly cost efficient. We love it! 

Bed Frame

Pallet Bed Frame
Photo: Segwaymadrid

Purchasing good quality mattresses can leave quite a dent in your budget. We know that. (And we also know that there’s NOTHING more important than sleeping on good quality mattresses, so please don’t be frugal when it comes to buying that!)

To make up for that, you can always save money by DIY-ing your own perfect bed frame! Pallets are a great way to build heavy-duty frames that last a long time and look incredibly stylish at the same time. 

The natural shelves created by the pallets can be used as additional storage space in your bedroom, or you can make use of them to hide a few indirect light sources that help to create a cozy atmosphere in your inner sanctum. 

Coat Rack

Pallet Coat Rack
Photo: CoWorker Inc.

The easiest way of magicking a coat rack out of nowhere is simply mounting a pallet to your wall and adding a few coat hangers.

This DIY coat rack looks best on rather bare walls, but can also fit in perfectly with a stylish design home. 

Kitchen Rack

Pallet Kitchen Rack
Photo: Formosa Casa 

What works in the hallway also works in the kitchen.

Mount a pallet on your kitchen wall, add a few hangers or bars, and you have a wonderfully rustic space to store coffee cups, hang potted herbs, or have quick and easy access to your various cooking utensils like pans, strainers, or ladles. 

Wall Garden

Pallet Wall Garden
Photo: FreshIdeen

Bring a splash of colour into your backyard or onto your kitchen wall by painting a pallet in a bright colour you love.

Wall-mount your pallet and plant the “legs” with fresh kitchen herbs, colourful flowers, or undemanding cacti.