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Moving house, merging households or setting up alone for the first time ever can (and usually does) come with a million hurdles to take, doesn’t it?

And, typically, one of the biggest problem factor is furniture – and its price in particular.

Turning to garage or yard sales, word-of-mouth recommendations, the classifieds, and/or relying on good luck and sales are tried and tested ways to save that bit of money when furnishing a new home.

But lately a new, super comfortable option of finding furniture and buying at small(er) prices has started to make our lives even easier: online second hand (or used) furniture stores.

And since demand for affordable, good looking and useful furniture is at an all-time high, there is quite the selection of online shops you can choose from. To help you find the right pieces at the right price, we have curated a list of the best sites for you below!


Online Second Hand Furniture Store: Chairish Logo
Photo: Chairish

Let’s get the most up-market of the lot out of the way first, shall we?

Chairish is an upscale furniture re-seller that caters to a more sophisticated and design-forward clientele.

If you’re on the lookout for unique (upcoming) designer pieces, dazzling vintages, or truly stunning art deco furniture, Chairish is your happy place.

And while prices on this platform are generally higher than on others, there is always the chance to score a real bargain when you take the time to keep scrolling!


Online Second Hand Furniture: 1stDibs Logo
Photo: 1stdibs

Just like Chairish, 1stDibs is a more up-market re-seller. It’s wares include everything from jewelry, to art, to (of course) furniture and prices are a bit on the higher side.

1stDibs is the perfect choice for you if you are looking for perfect replicas of well-known items or, indeed, if you are a vintage and antiques lover.

What makes the shopping experience somewhat less traumatic for those of us who have to stick to a smaller budget (and an overall less sad experience if you’re anything like me and tend to fall in love with a piece of furniture before you even glance at the price tag) is the option to state your preferred price range and filter for furniture that’s currently on sale before you embark on your search.

Sotheby’s Home (formerly: Viyet)

Online Second Hand Furniture Store: Sotheby's Home Logo
Photo: Sotheby’s Home

Sotheby’s Home is the place for you if you have a robust budget at your disposal and look for new, nearly new, or vintage (designer) pieces.

The page retails not only furniture, but also rugs, lighting, art, jewelry – in other words: they sell everything that’s beautiful.

And beauty, in this case, comes with a price: as a rule of thumb, you won’t be able to find furniture for less than $1.000, lighting for less than $500, and accessories for less than $100 on the page.

But if your budget allows for it, or you’re in the market for one pricey statement piece, we strongly recommend browsing Sotheby’s Home.


Online Second Hand Furniture Store: AptDeco Logo
Photo: AptDeco

The sad news first: AptDeco is mainly for the NYC, New Jersey, DC (if you’re lucky) crowd. For now. There, apparently, are plans to make the wonderful service accessible in a few more places.

Now, if you’re lucky enough to life in the sacred area, AptDeco is plain and simple perfection. The items sold on the page are always a finger-on-pulse guide of what’s trendy, chic, and stylish in the urban community. It’s a mixture of warm industrial, charmingly quirky, and super stylish vintage. It’s a veritable treasure trove of furniture that’s guaranteed to make your heart beat faster – for really reasonable prices and unbelievably great bargains.

And the best? AptDeco offers an insured delivery service!!!

This site really is too good to be true!


Online Second Hand Furniture Store: Etsy Logo
Photo: Wikipedia

We don’t really need to introduce you to Etsy, do we?!

If you’re thinking now that Etsy’s certainly great for scoring a truly unique birthday gift, or laying claim to that great fan-made merch or lovingly handmade embroidery you’ve been drooling over from afar, but surely doesn’t have a lot to offer in terms of second hand furniture, think again!

Shopping for used furniture at Etsy is like having access to the world’s biggest yard sale without all the hustle or the need to get up at the crack of dawn in oder to be able to browse the truly good pieces before they’ve been snapped up by other buyers.

Etsy furniture oftentimes is on the edgy side, can have the odd DIY enhancement, but is alway truly interesting and unique.

Apartment Therapy Bazaar

Online Second Hand Furniture Store: Apartment Therapy Bazaar Logo
Photo: Apartment Therapy

Formerly known as “Marketplace”, this second hand furniture platform is big in all the big cities, though they’ll ship your purchases to nearly anywhere.

A platform for used mid-century to modern furniture, the Apartment Therapy Bazaar is a great place to score the occasional bargain and have access to a lot of reasonably priced designer pieces all in one go.

EBTH (Everything But the House)

Online Second Hand Furniture Store: Everything But The House Logo
Photo: EBTH

What has started out as an online estate sales platform has not shifted its focus to being the first and foremost platform to find “Everything Uncommon”.

Basically, EBTH is an auction platform, and the range of goods you will find on there at any given point in times is a truly satisfying mixture of the unique, the beautiful and the bizarre.

What makes the platform stand out from other auction-based competitors is the simple fact that each and every item on the site starts at a bidding price of just $1.

No matter what you’re looking for (except a house, obviously!), we guarantee you’ll discover something you’ll like on Everything But The House!


Online Second Hand Furniture Store: Letgo Logo
Photo: Owler

Letgo is basically a photo-driven, local re-sellers platform (and app).

Since the furniture on offer are not a curated selection, but rather a sample of what people in your area are currently letting go, there is quite a bit of… let’s say questionable offerings on display, be it in terms of quality, looks, upkeep, you name it.

That, however, is not to say that you can’t make a great bargain on there! It might need some time, and certainly need quite a hefty dose of luck, but there’s always the chance of scoring a real great piece of furniture on there!


Online Second Hand Furniture Store: eBay Logo
Photo: Wikimedia

Let’s finish up this list with the three platforms we are all familiar with, shall we?

First, let’s have a look at eBay. Yes, we know, this platform has gotten somewhat out of style in the past couple of years, but there are still some great bargains to be had on there.

For those of you who somehow missed all the eBay hype, this platform basically is an online auction house . Or at least they started out that way.

These days there are three selling options available: standard auction, a buy-now function, and a best-offer option. Depending on your will to spend some time bidding for an item (and possibly losing out on it), and your budget, each of those options has its merits and advantages. It’s completely up to you to choose which way to go!


Online Second Hand Furniture Store: Craigslist Logo
Photo: Wikimedia

We’re sure you’ve heard about Craigslist before – one way or another.

Craigslist has been, and still is, the number one place for classifieds on the internet. It’s free, it’s local, and it’s a direct buyer-to-seller platform with no middleman involved at all.

We have just said that Craigslist is local, yes. But -if you want it- it is also global. Depending on your (and the seller’s) willingness to ship, you can browse classifieds from everywhere and score a real bargain of, say, original Japanese furniture if you’re lucky.

It might not always be what you’re looking for, and when you first use it, it might look just a tad shabby compared to other sites, but Craigslist is incredibly good at what it does – and that’s connecting buyers and sellers from all over the globe or right next to your doorstep.


Online Second Hand Furniture Store: Amazon Logo
Photo: Wikimedia

And last, but certainly not least: the omnipresent Amazon.

What used to be a bookseller once in a while does retail everything by now. And that includes second hand furniture on their marketplace.

What’s great about Amazon is the very simple fact that transactions are made via their platform, no matter if you’re buying at Amazon itself or from a second or third party vendor.

And -in case something doesn’t fit the way you envisioned it, or hasn’t the quality you thought it would- this makes sending stuff back super easy.

There’s a reason why Amazon has become the most used retailer on the planet – and those reasons hold true for their used furniture section as well.

Have you shopped for second hand furniture online before? What platforms did you use? And what were your experiences? Would you recommend one platform in particular? Or shy away from using one ever again? Tell us all about it in the comments below!