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Are you looking for a diverse, playful, culturally inclusive, colourful, and incredibly varied room design? Then Moroccan themed rooms are right up your alley!

Over the long centuries of its existence, the North African nation of Morocco has been home to many different peoples, empires, and religions. It has, among others, seen Berbers, Phoenicians, Romans, Arabs, and Spaniards living within its borders. It has witnessed prayers to a whole pantheon of deities. It has seen cultures clash and merge.

And all of these influences can be found in today’s Moroccan designs. There are bright colours and intricate patterns. There are plush fabrics and delicately wrought irons. There is vigour and joie de vivre. There is beauty and elegance.

Moroccan themed rooms take you in and tell you a story. They are a nod to times long gone by and to times yet to come. They are a visual reminder for the beauty and strength of cultures growing together and intertwining. And most importantly, they are an expression of the person(s) inhabiting them.

There are a ton of reasons we could give you for why you should give this style a try – but not a single one of them would be as convincing as looking at the pictures below:

Living Room

Authentically Re-created Moroccan Themed Living Room
Photo: Somanet

If you have the money and the resources, going for authentic fabrics, furniture, and deco elements certainly is the way to go.

In this case, the exquisite combination of the delicately wrought wooden door, the classic Moroccan lamp, the intricate rugs and fabrics, the authentic furniture and the unique wall colouring serve to create a truly magical place.

Open Moroccan Themed Living Room With A Lot Of Lamps
Photo: Street Photography

Inarguably a Moroccan style living room design looks the most natural in areas that allow for an overall open house design. In this case, the living room boasts a fully open wall facing the garden.

The Moroccan design elements of coloured cushions, a whole plethora of intricately designed lamps, an open fireplace, as well as the gently arched upper part of the missing outside wall subtly and effectively create the room’s oriental feeling.

A Large Oriental Hanging Lamp and A  Large Framed Mirror Creating the Moroccan Theme of the Room
Photo: Avvocatoargento

As this example shows, you do not need to employ the whole she-bang of colours, fabrics, and patterns in order to create a convincing Moroccan theme in your living room.

Here, the tiled floor and matching wall colour set the “desert”-y tone, and the large, oriental lampshade in combination with the decidedly exotic framed mirror do the rest to set the tone.

Investing in some big statement pieces sometimes is really all it takes to create a look.

Photo: Venidair

And once again it’s in the details.

In this example, the open room-design sets the scene, but it is the little things, like the carpet and cushions that really make the look.

While the oriental carpet itself really isn’t that big, it becomes a focal point of the room when seen in juxtaposition with the light wall, floor tiles and sofa fabric.

It might seem counterintuitive, but the carpet’s prominence is further underscored by the immense number of cushions strewn over the furniture. The cushions themselves are intricately and uniquely patterned, which could, and maybe should, create an overwhelming riot of shapes and colours, but really doesn’t. The simple fact that the ornate patterns are all kept within similar shades play their part in this. And what’s more – all of the shapes and hues used originate in the carpet’s design, once again making it the central feature of the room’s design.

Photo: Homesifery

Two concepts you would think cannot exist within the same room are “Moroccan themed” and “minimalist” – and yet, they can.

And they work beautifully with it each other, at that.

In this case, a rather reduced. very light room is juxtaposed with just a handful of oriental accents, like the poufs, the colourful garden stools, and the decidedly oriental-inspired shape of the wall above the window nook.

It really doesn’t take a lot to create a subtle and stunning look!


Moroccan Themed Bedroom With Beautifully Decorated Wall
Photo: DiyDekoDiy

There seem to be two ways of creating a Moroccan themed bedroom (or room in general): either go for a coloured-dark or coloured-light look.

This room is the perfect example for a dark, but colourful design. The room itself gives off strong “grotto” vibes, thanks to the closed-in overall feeling. This is created both by the dark wooden furniture and the red wall colour. The hue of red itself isn’t even dark, but in combination with the rest of the room it appears darker than it really is.

The one, decidedly light, highlight (literally) are the golden ornamental patterns lining the upper reaches of the wall and ceiling, creating even more of a domed-in feeling.

Moroccan Themed Bedroom with Oriental Headboard and Matching, Pink-Based Colour Scheme
Photo: Luckydevil777dragracing

This, apparently, is the other way to go about creating a Moroccan themed room: a general light and airy feel combined with some choice coloured details.

In this case, the room’s atmosphere is created by a few things: the beautiful, oriental headboard; the bespoke nightstands that match both the little table and the oriental lamps; the patterns used in the wall boarder, cushions, lampshade’s rims, duvet, and carpet; and -of course- the matching, well chosen colours that accent and bind together the bed, wall and carpet.

We particularly like how each individual colour is repeatedly picked up again and again in smaller and larger details throughout the room.

Moroccan Themed Bedroom With Saffron Yellow Details
Photo: Trendomat

Sometimes you don’t need a lot to effectively create an atmosphere.

As can be seen in this example, all you need is a strong, associative colour (here: saffron yellow), an orientally patterned piece of cloth in a matching colour, and some talent for creating coziness out of little.

In this case, we think, it is the cunningly used piece of cloth tacked onto the wall that so effortlessly and easily creates the oriental look. The many inviting cushions and the evocative colour, and the lovely detail of the tea set waiting on the bed are just the icing on the Moroccan cake.

Moroccan Themed Bedroom With Colourful Tiled Floor and Walls in Different Geometrical Patterns
Photo: InteriorGod

As is so often the case with a Moroccan design, tiles, colours, and geometrical patterns play a huge role in creating the design of this room.

We realise that this riot of hues and shapes can be a bit much to take in. And we also realise that this edgy theme may make you restless and unsettled and therefore may not be the right design choice for a bedroom.


This is what a Moroccan theme looks at its core. This is exactly, what most people envision when thinking about typical oriental room designs. And we do think it’s a sight to be seen and cherished!

Moroccan Themed Bedroom with White, Silver and Light Beige Colour Scheme and Intricate Oriental Wallpaper
Photo: Infokemdikbud

After we have banged on so much about how colours make the Moroccan look, you now witness us doing a complete 180°.

This incredibly stunning bedroom design is sophisticated, modern, and incredibly chic. The white, silver, and creme colour scheme is a real treat for the eyes and gently underscores the room’s theme without dominating it.

What is dominating the room, and effectively creating the Moroccan theme is the incredibly intricate wallpaper. It perfectly combines the room’s colour scheme with the oriental theme and conjures up visions of sleeping in an oriental palace.

We love this look so much!


Moroccan Themed Kitchen with Heavy, Dark Wooden Furniture
Photo: Jhth

Dark wood is a theme that pops up in design themes taken from all across the globe. And -unsurprisingly- this, too, goes for Moroccan designs.

In this case, the kitchen is dominated by the gorgeously carved wooden furniture and cabinet fronts. The heavy, ornamental look is set off beautifully by the seemingly fragile chandeliers and the classic wooden floor and brick ceiling.

Moroccan Themed Kitchen with Dark Wood Furniture and Patterned Tiles
Photo: PeterJames08

This example of a Moroccan kitchen picks up the dark wooden theme as well, and adds in beautifully patterned tiles running along the walls.

What we especially like in this room is the fact that the different types and styles of stone (floor and wall tiles as well as kitchen hood) should not fit in with each other, but they somehow work beautifully to form a whole.

Moroccan Themed Kitchen Nook With Colourful Patterned Tiles
Photo: KirtlandFamilyHistory

Speaking of patterned tiles, this example shows that a Moroccan theme is perfectly suited for small kitchens as well.

And not only small kitchens, but kitchen nooks in particular benefit vastly from incorporating oriental style, colourful tiles. This clever use of the design theme is not only a stunning eye-catcher, but also serves to subtly set off the kitchen from the rest of the room on a visual level.

Moroccan Themed Kitchen With Patterned Tiles on Floor
Photo: Nekonium

This is another great example of how you can use Moroccan inspired tiles to visually set off a kitchen corner from the rest of the room.

The use of patterned tiles as floor tiles may not be a typical or traditional oriental way of doing things, but it is a great way of incorporating the style you’re looking for without having to commit to a full room design.

Note the many hanging lamps over the counter that clearly are a modern interpretation of more traditional oriental lantern styles and who anchor the floor tiles to the overall room/house design.

Colourful Moroccan Themed Kitchen With Turquoise Walls and Cupboard Fronts
Photo: Ylnyi

Of course going full colour and pattern is always an option when it comes to creating a Moroccan themed kitchen.

In this example, it is a colour -namely turquoise- that’s holding the overall design together. The hue threads through the differently patterned tiles, the cupboard fronts, an even the wall colour to create a whole.

We particularly like the lovingly added details of the two wrought iron lanterns suspended over the counter top that give the room that extra bit of authenticity.


Moroccan Themed Bathroom With Colourful Tiled Floor
Photo: NewHerp

This contemporary Moroccan wet room nicely demonstrates how you can achieve a lot with just a little.

In this example, the whole room design solely rests on the colourfully patterned floor tiles. The rest of the bathroom is incredibly minimalistic and even the lovely details scattered throughout only help to underscore the look that is solely built by the floor.

Moroccan Themed Bathroom With Traditionally Tiled Floor, Walls, and Ceiling
Photo: LovinDubai

Then, there’s always the opposite of minimalism, of course.

In this example, the traditional Moroccan tiles are not only used on the floor, but also decorate the walls and ceiling. In combination with the luxurious marble furniture and tiles used on parts of the floor, wall, and ceiling, this creates a truly elegant and traditional oriental look.

Moroccan Themed Bathroom With Purple Walls and Colourful Tiles
Photo: Blogsolu

A slightly different take on the “opposite of minimalism” route can be seen in this example.

Where the above bathroom captivates with it clearly traditional opulence, this one takes the two main themes (colour and tiles) and puts them into a wholly modern context.

The dark purple walls work perfectly in unison with the iridescent tiles running along the wall atop the vanity and cupboards, lining the shower stall, and setting off the floor in parts of the room, and also fits in perfectly with the colours of the beautifully arched stained glass window.

Add in the modern interpretation of the typical oriental wall lantern, and you have a truly stunning bathroom that is at the same time wonderfully Western and mesmerisingly Moroccan.

Moroccan Themed White Bathroom With Arched Tile Niche
Photo: Construction Easten Blanc Oriental De Décoration En Marbre Blanc

This truly magical bathroom anchors it’s unique beauty in two ways:

First, there is the pure white of the room that dazzles the eyes and conjures up phantasies of long, lazy days spent being pampered in a spa.

And secondly, there are the subtle oriental touches that give the room that little magical extra: the arched doorway whose form is picked up again (and again, and again) in the mirror beyond, the subtle patterns on the vanity, and the wonderful tiled niche that is clearly referring to the traditional shape of Moroccan windows.

Moroccan Themed Bathroom With Black and White Tile Patterns
Photo: Astastation

As with the bedroom designs, there seems to be a divide into a light and a dark overall impression as well when it comes to bathrooms.

In this case, the lovely black-and-white tiles with their sun and star patterns beautifully accent the dark bathtub and offset the white upper walls. And while the overall look is kind of dark, there is still a definite lightness to the whole room.

Dark Blue Bathroom with Moroccan Tiled Shower
Photo: Freshome

Speaking of light and dark, this exquisite bathroom design takes the whole idea to the next level.

The dark blue walls and ceiling create an inexplicably cozy atmosphere that only serves to enhance the inviting lightness of both the bathtub and the glass fronted shower stall.

What makes this beautiful bathroom a perfect example for a Moroccan themed room is the indisputable fact that the orientally tiled shower is the supreme focal point of the room. With its patterned tiles and bench the stall looks as if it had been directly imported from a hammam.

And who wouldn’t relish the idea of being treated and pampered to their heart’s content in an oriental spa?

Do you have a Moroccan themed room in your home? Or is your whole house a homage to oriental beauty? If you’re still on the fence of decorating one room in this style, which one are you thinking about? And what is your inspiration for choosing this design? Let us know in the comment section below!