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Trying to define the Moroccan decor style feels a bit like blindly reaching into a bag of your favourite treats and plucking out something you know you’ll love.

Basically, the Moroccan style is a blend of all the best of African, Arab, and Mediterranean decor and design themes. Common elements include: arches, domes, ornamental tiles, geometrical patterns, and a riot of colours.

And the best of it all? The Moroccan decor style is super flexible and adaptable. It can be traditional or contemporary. Vibrant or muted. Playful or reduced. Ornamental or minimalist.

In short, it can be anything you want!

But what’s even better? Whichever style or execution you choose, it simply promises to transform your dreams and send you on a magical journey each night!

To help you get started on the way, we have collected some of the most important aspects and Moroccan bedroom decor ideas below. Enjoy!


Moroccan Bedroom Decor: Big Ornate Lantern Light Fixtures
Photo: EquestNow
Moroccan Bedroom Decor: Lanterns Suspended from Wall and Ceiling
Photo: Medicinachina
Moroccan Bedroom Decor: Room Lit By Four Traditional Lanterns Sitting on the Floor
Photo: Snowtravel
Moroccan Bedroom Decor: Two Hanging Lanterns Setting the Tone for the Whole Room
Photo: Brueckenertuechtigung

Lanterns in traditional shapes are a big deal in Moroccan-inspired designs. Hang them from ceilings, mount them onto walls, or have them standing on the floor. As with many oriental things, it’s the more, the merrier. Also, don’t be afraid to mix and match colours and shapes.


Moroccan Bedroom Decor: Woven Carpet, Knit Throw and Patterned Wall Blanket in Monochromes
Photo: Vanmanen
Moroccan Bedroom Decor: Crochet Pillowcases and Blankets
Photo: Plushemisphere
Moroccan Bedroom Decor: Bold Coloured Rich Fabrics
Photo: Infokemdikbud
Moroccan Bedroom Decor: Saffron Yellow Fabric Hung From Wall
Photo: Trendomat

One of the most important style elements in Moroccan decor are rich, soft fabrics (including thick rugs). Go for bold colours and patterns and don’t be afraid to mix and match. Fabrics are your chance to get creative – hang pieces of cloth from walls, use them to create canopies, etc. Coincidentally, it is here that you can go a long way in terms of decoration and creating an overall look on a (very) small budget.

Don’t Forget the Ceiling

Moroccan Bedroom Decor: Patterned Tiles Lining Ceiling
Photo: Mtlservices
Moroccan Bedroom Decor: Tiled Ceiling that Conjures the Idea of Being in a Tent
Photo: Medstaffpros
Moroccan Bedroom Decor: Ceiling Draped in Fabric
Photo: Eye for Design
Moroccan Bedroom Decor: Bedroom With Intricately Tiled Ceiling
Photo: DiyDekoDiy

Typically, we only think about decorating the walls (and, if you put it in those terms, the floor by using carpets). In contrast, Moroccan homes also turn their ceilings into works of pure art. This can be achieved by a number of means, the most popular are: tiles, coloured paint(ings), and draped fabric.

Ornate Headboards

Moroccan Bedroom Decor: Ornately Carved Dark Wooden Headboard
Photo: FrankDickinson
Moroccan Bedroom Decor: Arched Leather Headboard in Dark Green
Photo: Luckydevil777dragracing
Moroccan Bedroom Decor: Arched, Tiled Headboard
Photo: Notified
Moroccan Bedroom Decor: Dark Bedroom With Beautiful Circular Headboard Made from Carved Wood
Photo: Dekorationideen365

Prominent headboards are another well-liked decor-element in Maroccan designs. These either pick up the arches of Moroccan windows and doors, mirror the shapes of ornamental design elements, or go for beautifully and intricately carved wooden works of art.


Moroccan Bedroom Decor: Bed Separated From Rest of the Room via Columns and Arches
Photo: Litotex
Moroccan Bedroom Decor: Red Bedroom With Arch
Photo: Msbauer
Moroccan Bedroom Decor: Arch Hung With Sheer Curtain Used to Divide Freestanding Bathtub from Bedroom
Photo: Dekoration.life
Moroccan Bedroom Decor: Domed Archway Leading into Bedroom
Photo: VictorHeyman

Arches are a common theme both in windows and doorways. In case of the latter, they can be used as means of dividing off the bed or a bathtub from the rest of the bedroom. The general design element of the arch is then picked up again and again in tile patterns, wrought iron ornaments and lampshades.


Moroccan Bedroom Decor: Lavender Coloured Sheer Fabric Draped Over Four-Poster Frame
Photo: MtGroup
Moroccan Bedroom Decor: White Sheer Curtain Affixed to Ceiling in Style of Four Poster Bed
Photo: Litotex
Moroccan Bedroom Decor: Curtain-Like Fabric Affixed to Wall and Ceiling to Create a Baldachin
Photo: IkeaHackers
Moroccan Bedroom Decor: Four Poster Bed With Opened Curtains Tied to the Posts
Photo: Traditionalhome

In terms of bed canopies you can either make use of an already existing four-poster bed frame, or create your very own baldachin with panels of fabric pinned to ceiling and/or wall, or spanning the whole room.


Moroccan Bedroom Decor: Multitude of Colours Mixed in a Red Room
Photo: Tsubuaojiru
Moroccan Bedroom Decor: Room Done Up In Pink and Aquamarine
Photo: IMGrez
Moroccan Bedroom Decor: Red and Gold Bedroom
Photo: TheArtOfTheRoom
Moroccan Bedroom Decor: Bright Colours Setting Off the Beautifully Painted Bed Frame and Nightstand
Photo: Archzine

The most important in any oriental, and particularly in Moroccan-inspired, decorations are bright, bold colours that can be mixed and matched to your heart’s content – everything goes! There are, however, three colours that are a “must” in any combination: red, purple, and fuchsia.

For those of you a little more reluctant to go all out with a riot of colours, there’s also the option of predominately utilising whites, muted colours, and/or earth tones. (If possible, we would strongly suggest adding at least one of the “must have” colours mentioned above as eyecatcher!)


Moroccan Bedroom Decor: Carpets in Colours Contrasting the Dominant Colour Scheme
Photo: Infokemdikbud
Moroccan Bedroom Decor: Thick Shag Pile Carpet
Photo: Chell
Moroccan Bedroom Decor: Bedroom With Traditional Moroccan Rug
Photo: Elle Decor
Moroccan Bedroom Decor: Blue Patterned Carpet Matching Bed and Ceiling Colours
Photo: FreshIdeen

Another big theme in Moroccan-style room designs are thick pile and/or colourful carpets that either match or contrast the overall colour scheme. Additionally, there is always the classic to fall back on: traditional Moroccan rugs.

Ornate Mirror

Moroccan Bedroom Decor: Mirror With Ornately Carved Wooden Frame
Photo: KeplerSpaceUniversity
Moroccan Bedroom Decor: Carved and Painted Mirror Hanging over Fireplace
Photo: Hotelscombined
Moroccan Bedroom Decor: Heavy, Silver-Framed Mirror Over Head of Bed
Photo: WeAreFound
Moroccan Bedroom Decor: Mirror with Beautiful Golden Design Elements Set Onto the Glass
Photo: CivilianGlobal

Large mirrors are a common design feature in Moroccan bedrooms. The ornate frames pick up common themes like arches, delicately wrought patterns, beautifully carved wood, etc.

Mosaic Window

Moroccan Bedroom Design: Beautifully Framed Window with Colourful Sheer Curtains
Photo: SmartLiving
Moroccan Bedroom Decor: Mosaic Window With Eight Panels
Photo: Gomba
Moroccan Bedroom Decor: Colourfully Stained Windows
Photo: Chambres-Hotes
Moroccan Bedroom Decor: Window With Beautiful Wrought Iron Lattice
Photo: Halal Booking

Whether they are made from stained glass or regular, windows often come in an embellished mosaic look. These designs once again pick up and mirror elements like arches, patterns and colours used in the room.

If having intricately patterned or coloured window panes is not feasible, hanging sheer curtains (patterned or with different colours) does create a similar effect.


Moroccan Bedroom Decor: Colourful Geometrically Patterned Tiles on Floor and Ceiling
Photo: Aviarydecor
Moroccan Bedroom Decor: Differently Coloured and Patterned Tiles Wrapping Around the Room
Photo: Blognoob
Moroccan Bedroom Decor: Monochrome Tiles
Photo: Home-Designing
Moroccan Bedroom Decor: Patterned Tiles On Walls
Photo: Gomba

Colourful, mosaic tiles arranged in intricate geometrical patterns dominate whole rooms. They can match or differ within a room, and oftentimes run floor to wall to ceiling.

Dark Wood

Moroccan Bedroom Decor: Heavy Wooden Bed, Nightstands and Beautiful Wall Panels
Photo: Denada
Moroccan Bedroom Decor: Dark Wood Nightstand and Bed with White Decorations
Photo: BalancedFoodAndFuel
Moroccan Bedroom Decor: Heavy Half Poster Bed With Matching Nightstands
Photo: KurtCuffy
Moroccan Bedroom Decor: Dark Wooden Bed, Table and Bedside Table
Photo: Archinect

Furniture, and the bed in particular, is often made from heavy, dark woods that dominates the whole room design. It is often juxtaposed with light elements or colours.

Alcoves and Niches

Moroccan Bedroom Decor: Indirectly Lit Niche Framing Head of Bed
Photo: Alors
Moroccan Bedroom Decor: Sitting Niche Set into One Wall Done Up With Colourful Cushions
Photo: Pinterest
Moroccan Bedroom Decor: Comfy Reading Nook Inside Curly Arch
Photo: Kleines.Access
Moroccan Bedroom Decor: Room With Both Arch and Niche that Frame the Overall Design
Photo: Designtextiles

If at all possible, try to create little nooks around the bedroom. These can be alcoves that house window seats, niches that have purely aesthetic reasons, or frame your bed’s head. These nooks tend to have arched or domed forms that pick up other design elements.


Moroccan Bedroom Decor: Carved Folding Wood Shutters
Photo: Freemoneyapp
Moroccan Bedroom Decor: Partially Opened Wooden Window Shutters
Photo: DesireToInspire
Moroccan Bedroom Decor: Bespoke Window Shutters
Photo: Jali
Moroccan Bedroom Decor: Beautiful Wooden Shutters in Arch Form
Photo: Globetrotter

As for any African country, keeping the heat and sun out of the hous is one of the main challenges of Moroccan designs. This feat typically is achieved with beautiful wooden window shutters.

Poufs and Ottomans

Moroccan Bedroom Decor: Pink Moroccan Pouf
Photo: Design-de-Casa
Moroccan Bedroom Decor: Golden Poufs
Photo: AlesoUK
Moroccan Bedroom Decor: Square Ottoman
Photo: DigsDigs
Moroccan Bedroom Decor: Silver Poufs at End of Bed
Photo: Homesfeed

And, finally, our last Moroccan decor tip: Place oriental poufs and ottomans at the foot of your bed or in nook of the room reserved for sitting, in order to create an inviting, oriental atmosphere.

What are your favourite Moroccan decor ideas? Which elements have you implemented in your bedroom? Which designs would you most like to emulate? We are curious! Let us know your answers in the comment section below!