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We are guessing that your first thought when asked about master bathroom lights would not go towards chandeliers, right?

But whyever not?

Everything that makes chandeliers a sought-after option for any other room still holds true in your bathroom: they add style, look simply gorgeous, and can be incredible tools to create juxtaposition and a moment of breathtaking stylistic inconsistency to any room design.

As far as chandelier styles go, the choices are endless: Basically, it is completely up to you to decide which type you think looks best or fits in the most perfectly with your planned bathroom design. Everything goes!

Have a look at our handy in-depth guide on chandelier types here!

The same holds true for overall room design ideas – whatever design style you fancy, whichever colour scheme you dig, or which type of flooring you prefer – there will be a chandelier out there that pulls together the whole room, that rounds the whole design out, or that beautifully accentuates or juxtaposes the general impression you’re aiming for.

So, to cut a long story short, without any further ado we present you our collection of the team’s most favourite master bathrooms with chandeliers. Let yourself be inspired!


Minimalist Master Bathroom with Chandelier Over Bathtub
Photo: Lighting Styles

Sometimes all a bathroom really needs is a claw-footed white tub, a generous mirror, and a minimalist chandelier.

Bathroom off Master Bedroom With Tub and Chandelier
Photo: HGTV

Another free-standing, claw-footed tub, this time with an eye-catching painting on the wall behind it and a stunning chandelier hanging over it.

Mediterranean Master Bathroom With Freestanding Rectangular Tub and Old-Fashioned Chandelier
Photo: Homesifery

Dichotomies spark tension, and tension sparks beauty. In this Mediterranean Master Bathroom three things draw the eye – the gorgeous sea view, the fantastic modern bathtub (that rectangular shape! we love it so much!), and the beautiful old-fashioned chandelier with the cascading crystal drops evoking and re-emphasising the room’s core theme – water.

Master Bathroom With Modern Chandelier Over Tub
Photo: Kennedi Living Room

Right, we are sensing a pattern here…

This time, the modern, freestanding tub is sitting in front of a hidden walk-in shower. The room itself is lit by a stunning modern chandelier that suggests to be a flock of fragile blow bubbles.

Minimalist Master Bathroom With Walk-In-Shower and Bathtub Combo and a Modern Chandelier With Bronze Ball Pendants of Varying Sizes
Photo: Deavita

But wait!

There is something else, as well! This cleverly designed walk-in shower and tub combo is a veritable feast for the eyes of a minimalist, modern bathroom lover. And the beautiful chandelier with its bronze ball pendants just adds to the overall look, despite being as far from reduced and minimalist as a lighting fixture can probably get.


Modern Master Bathroom With Oldfashioned Drum Chandelier
Photo:Marcus Redden

This old-fashioned drum chandelier mounted in a very modern, clean bathroom beautifully juxtaposes the two design styles and merges them into a new whole.

Large Marble Master Bathroom With Modern Walk In Shower and Contemporary Chandelier
Photo: Goindustri

This master bathroom could just as well be filed under “opulent”, but with the modern, beautifully framed walk-in shower and the super contemporary rectangular chandelier mirroring the design elements of the herring-bone floor’s border, the shower, the ledge around the tub and others, this definitely qualifies as a modern design.

Modern Oval Master Bathroom With View and Equally Oval Sunken Tub And Modern Chandelier Atop
Photo: Homesifery

Truthfully, this master bathroom shouldn’t work. Be it the oval sunken marble tub, the equally curved walls with opulent view, the tiered ceiling or everything put together. But it does – somehow. And we think this is entirely due to the modern chandelier drawing the eye to one focal point in the room.

Modern Walk-In Shower In Master Bathroom With Glass Drum Chandelier
Photo: Shinranwasan

It’s all in the details, as this modern bathroom with walk-in shower shows. The luxurious gold fittings are picked up again in the drum chandelier’s base, while the overall elegance of the room is reflected in the three tiers of glass ornaments.

Reduced, Clean-Lines Master Bathroom with Two Extravagant Modern Chandeliers
Photo: Homeblebee

As this example shows, it’s not always the bathroom design that sets the tone, but it can indeed be down to the chandelier to create the room’s overall design-style. In this case the rather clean and reduced bathroom gets transformed into a modern grotto of relaxation by the two floor-to-ceiling length modern chandeliers.


Opulent Master Bathroom Done In Greys and Blacks with Smallish White Chandelier as Accent Lighting
Photo: Viraldonk

Opulence, at times, is everything. This gorgeous dark-grey and black colour scheme stands out starkly beautiful in contrast to the generous white tub and the classic white chandelier. A piece of art.

Master Bathroom With Brushed Steel and Glass Chandelier
Photo: Shinranwasan

We have debated filing this lovely bathroom under “modern”, but in the end, the gorgeous brushed brass and crystal pendants is such a nod to the traditionally opulent bathrooms of old that we just couldn’t put it anywhere else.

Master Bathroom with Opulent Floor Tiles, Free Standing Tub and Tray Chandelier
Photo: UnitedWayOfCarbonCounty

In this bathroom the free-standing tub is clearly the focal point. However, the beautiful tray-chandelier picks up the circular shape of the tub and brings it into the ante-room where it acts as a great offset against the angular-patterned tiled floor.

Masterbathroom with Extravagant Stone Lining Behind Shower and Sink and a Beautiful Traditional Chandelier Hanging Over the Free-Standing Tub
Photo: Dekorationideen365

This bathroom is probably more extravagant than it is opulent, but the overall look fit this category the best, so here we are.

What makes this design so special is the combination of the many different eye-catching details (the unique stone lining of shower and sink, the exposed brickwork, the large window, the modern tub and fitting, the sloped ceiling, and -of course- the beautiful old-fashioned chandelier) that fit together so neatly as if they had always been intended to co-exist.

Dark-blue Master Bathroom With Crystal Chandelier in Middle of the Room
Photo: Infosid

Who doesn’t love a glamorous bathroom? Right! And this dark-blue masterpiece neatly fits the bill of pure elegance and luxury.

Seeing such dark colours for a bathroom is rare, but when it’s pulled off so beautifully as it is in this case, we really have to ask ourselves why we don’t branch out more often.

The dark-blue walls and ceiling are beautifully set off with the opulent golden-tiled walk in shower and the crystal chandelier adds that extra bit of pure beauty that makes us want to soak in that tub forever.


Traditional Master Bathroom With Sea View and Small Chandeliers Mounted over the Sinks
Photo: My Home Design

This gorgeous, very traditional master bathroom shows that chandeliers do neither have to be large nor have to dominate the room to be an effective choice of lighting fixture.

Roman-Style Master Bathroom with Traditional Gold and Crystal Chandelier
Photo: Delistmo

This traditional Roman-style bathroom would be a treat even without the chandelier. While not strictly speaking necessary, the chandelier itself beautifully pulls the whole design together by incorporating all of the other elements (e.g. white/grey as in the marble, columns, vanity as well as the crystals; gold as in the mirror and picture frames, handles, etc as well as the “drip shield” beneath the “candles”) within itself.

Master Bathroom in White with Dark Brown Wood Floor and Chandelier With Dark Lamp Shades
Photo: Olsh Interior Picture Gallery

This is one of the most traditional bathroom designs we have seen in ages. Just look at that beautiful washstand! Isn’t it totally adorable? The chandelier acts as the focal point in the room, giving the eye somewhere to rest on with its dark lampshades in the midst of all that white.

Traditional Beige-White Masterbathroom with Modern Chandelier
Photo: Homesifery

Sometimes all that’s needed to take a rather old-fashioned bathroom to the next level is the addition of a modern chandelier. And voilà – style happens!

Traditional Spa-Inspired Master Bathroom with Glass Chandelier
Photo: Homeblebee

Clean lines, reduced colours (all shades of grey, basically), and a heavy dash of marble lay the perfect basis for creating a calm, spa-inspired oasis. The glass chandelier at the same time breaks the reduced design as it pulls it together into a new, better whole.

So, what do you think? Which bathroom design type does the chandelier fit in best? Or are they all true beauties? Are you planning on adding that bit of opulence and elegance to your bathroom during the next remodel? And if so, which style are you aiming for? Let us now all that and more in the comments below!