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Whether you play a musical instrument for a hobby or do it for a living, having a dedicated space in your house to practice and play is not just a wonderful treat, but also a necessity.

Setting aside a designated room for practicing your scales or that new piece of music you’re just dying to finally perfect not only serves as a good motivation to actually do it (particularly if you’re “just” playing for fun, practicing the boring basics gets easily swept under a wealth of other very important things -like deep-cleaning the kitchen cupboards- if you allow your daily lives to encroach on your practice space), but also very likely helps to keep your domestic bliss in tact. 

The individual needs for your music room differ drastically depending on which instrument(s) you play, if you want to host band practices, or if you plan on recording your music there as well. For this part of bringing your dream-music room to life we can not offer much help, save for the advice that there is a lot of knowledge to be gained on the Internet, but talking to real-live professionals (i.e. musicians, producers, other bands, etc.) will be essential if you want to embark on this adventure on a more professional level.

That being said, what we can and want to help you with is coming up with design ideas for your home music room. 

Generally speaking, you will want to look for a room design and colour scheme that allows you to happily spend hours in your music room without getting bored, restless, or -worst case scenario- getting a raging headache from all those patterns and colours you found so irresistible while decorating. 

While we do endorse colour and even patterns (to some extent), we also advise you to chose practicality and comfort over shiny beauty. You music room should be a space that invites relaxation – at least to the point where you can get rid of your everyday’s stresses and let yourself fall into the universe of the music you create without having to worry about the outside world for a few blessed hours. Additionally, you want to create a space where creativity is not only encouraged, but fostered. And a place where it is okay to have this sheaves of paper with notes or that unfinished lyrics or melody idea lying around until inspiration strikes again, where a few splashes of coffee spilt after a long evening playing do not equal the advent of the apocalypse, and where you don’t feel uncomfortable just doing your thing for a bit. 

In other words, your music room should be your own personal home within your house, your perfect universe, and therefore it should look exactly like an embodiment of you, and the music you want to make. 

To help you figure out what you can do with the space you have set aside as your home music room, we have collected a wealth of different designs and set-ups, from classical piano room to little stage for private gigs, and everything in-between. 

Everything is possible – and just as with music, the end of your imagination is the only limit! 

Converted Barn

Converted Barn Done in Light Woods
Photo: Zorlag

This small practice room done up in light woods creates a comfortable atmosphere despite its plain appearance.

This space is most likely used as music room for a band and the large doors seem to just wait to be thrown open wide to let people in for an impromptu concert at the end of a session. 

Sunset Studio

Home Studio with Comfortable Sofa
Photo: Imged

This room done up in yellows, oranges and reds and the beautiful cherry-wood floor not only instantly invites to relax with its unmistakable colour-scheme that reminds of lazy sunsets spent strumming a guitar, but also draws the eye to what it all is about.

While the sofa looks incredibly comfortable and certainly allows for people to hang around, and the small desk for recording and sound mixing spells out business, the focal point of the room definitely is the drum kit.

Despite being tucked into the corner, the drums are beautifully emphasised by the light walls and sound absorbers, the lightning itself, and the small podium it is set up on. 

Aged Upright Piano

Beautifully Aged Upright Piano Framed by Shelves Made of the Same Wood
Photo: Home Designing

A beautifully aged musical instrument always has a unique charm. 

In this music room, the old upright piano is framed by shelves made out of the same wood (or wood made to look the same), emphasising the gravitas of the certainly well-loved instrument beautifully.

In combination with the dark blue, nearly grey wall colour, the whole setup is as striking as it is homely. 

The Beatles

Brit-Rock Inspired Music Room
Photo: Imgme

This music room is either inspired by British rock-bands, or is indeed a homage to the inimitable Beatles. 

With the beautiful polished wooden floor, the incredibly comfortable-looking leather armchair, and the 60s style chest of drawers, this music room screams refined taste without loosing that certain edge. Add in the guitars displayed prominently in frames and the amp tucked in the corner, and you have a room where music definitely is the main focus and magical things can happen. 

70s Bachelor Pad 

Usually, one would think a grand piano invariably is the central point of any room. 

This 70s bachelor pad-inspired music room, however, demonstrates that this indeed is not always the case. The red circular divan looks just perfect to lounge around, pick a song on the guitar, or listen to one of the many albums strewn around, and easily is the focal point of the room.

While the piano certainly is an integral part of the music created in this music room, the emphasis invariably lies on a more rock-focussed style which is quietly enhanced by the unique sofa and the dark wall colour.

Muted Greys

Attic Music Room in a Scale of Greys
Photo: Mashistoria

This beautiful converted attic space is living proof that various shades of muted greys can create an incredible soothing, homely atmosphere if the decorations are done right.

Combined with the soft shag carpet, the modern reduced furniture, and the beautifully accented window alcoves that house a grand piano and a minimalist desk respectively, the muted colour-scheme is a prime example for a sophisticated, adult music room that is incredibly inviting.

Laughter Is Music

Piano Room with Red Colour Scheme and Quote Above Window
Photo: Wisedecor

This piano room is done up in a great black-and-red colour scheme that beautifully sets off the baby grand, and makes it the most important furniture of the room.

Add in the music quote stencilled atop the window, and you have a lovely, inviting room unquestionably dedicated to the production of music, despite its rather smallish appearance.

Classic Piano Room

Classic Piano Room with Modern Art
Photo: Myaustinelite

This music room’s set-up is probably the most classic incarnation you can think of.

With the piano tucked into the corner in front of the large glass doors, the stately lamp and sofa or chaise lounge, what looks like a Persian carpet and the classic bust of some composer, this is what everybody and their neighbour would imagine when hearing “I play piano in my music room”.

And while this style is appealing in itself, what truly makes this example remarkable is the style-break. The decidedly modern, pop-art inspired and piano-themed poster mounted atop the piano firmly anchors the rather classic music room design firmly in the now.  

Creative Chaos

Music Room With a Much Used Piano
Photo: Imged

As we have said in the introduction, your music room should also be a space that allows for creative chaos and the comfortable clutter that helps the creation process along.

This otherwise rather bare, structured room appears very inviting thanks to the detritus of (creative) life that clutters the space atop the piano. This is a place that invites you to stay, that feels homely and inspirational – not least because of the many wall-mounted photos of musicians and productions that want to be discovered. 

Riot of Colours

Basement Music Room Made Comfortable by a Riot of Colours
Photo: Homedesignlover

Having your music room located in the basement sometimes feels like you’re stuck in a dark place – literally, and with your progress.

This beautifully cheerful example of a basement-based music room shows that it really doesn’t need to be that way. The brilliant yellow ceiling, the green wall, and the many other colours in the carpets, sofa, and cushion create a vibrant atmosphere that can’t help but foster creativity. 

Garage Rockstars

Band-room with Fender Paraphernalia
Photo: Kokote

Legend has it that every successful rock-band has started out playing in some garage.

This music room design pays homage to this urban myth. With the tons of “Fender”-paraphernalia strewn across the room, the beautifully displayed guitars and amps, and the soft lighting, it’s easy to imagine seeing the next big gig of the rock-scene practice here. In true style. 

1960-Inspired Basement Club

Stage in a 1960s Inspired Basement Club
Photo: Livabl

This lovingly remodelled basement is definitely inspired by (gentlemen’s) clubs in the 1960s, and boasts a small stage for small concerts.

Fitting with the overall style, the wooden stage is a true looker and manages to draw the eye and hold the attention of everyone present without needing elaborate lighting or any other fancy equipment. 

Glam-Rock Attic

Attic with Stage
Photo: Decoist

This converted attic is a beautiful example of what you can do with an otherwise unused or under-utilised room in your house.

Typically the slanted ceilings make using the attic as living space a challenge. In this case, this natural limitation is actually used to the purpose’s advantage.

Setting the stage up at the front of the room under the highest part of the ceiling serves to make it the unequivocal centre of the music room. You have no choice but to see and acknowledge whoever is playing on that stage.

In combination with the high-backed camel-back sofa, the red velvet curtains framing the stage, and the chandelier, and the great glittery drum kit, this music room is the perfect space to perform in true glam-rock fashion and dream of the day where the audience isn’t sitting in your attic, but fills a stadium!