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Have you ever lain awake at night pondering what your future may hold?

Sure you have. After all, we all have those restless nights every now and again.

And while we cannot solve your small or big problems, or tell you which way to go from now on, we can make sure that the future looks bright, stylish, and enticing – at least in your bedroom.

Futuristic bedroom designs can be many things, and the “perfect choice” of decoration might look very differently for each and everyone of us, but there are a few style-ingredients that can serve as the basis for your new, futuristic bedroom design.

Before we start with our hand-picked favourite design examples, there are a few tips you should keep in mind for creating your very own design:

  • Every good bedroom design, and futuristic ones in particular, need a lot of open space. Cluttered surfaces, tons of knick-knack everywhere, and too many items of furniture may work for the most design-savvy among us, but for the vast majority of people these ingredients are a surefire way to kill the mood of a room. Clutter very rarely is an enhancer. Open space is.
  • Sure, we all need more space than we actually have for our clothes, but no matter how large or small, a hidden wardrobe is the way to go to make a design shine. If you are in the lucky position to have a walk-in wardrobe, or even a whole separate dressing room, you won’t need to trouble yourself with this. For everybody else, hiding your wardrobe behind faux wall-panels might be a way to go. At the very least you should make sure that your closet’s fronts are uniform and that the material matches the overall room-design.
  • Invest in good, well-spaced, varied lighting. As we have established before, your futuristic bedroom needs a lot of space, and you will need to make this space shine – literally. In addition to playing with natural light-sources, you should go for a well-balanced mixture of direct- and indirect lighting that gives you as much and as little light as any situation might call for.

Now that we have covered the basics, let us dive into the world of futuristic bedroom examples. Prepare to discover the future!

The Floating Bed

It might not be magic, but it does come close to it, visually.

A floating bed is a great way to inject some taste of the future in any bedroom design.

Basically, this bed is nothing but a “regular” bed, but instead of being mounted on four legs or some type of base that might hold under-bed drawers, this type is suspended over the floor by its headboard or by being anchored to the wall.

Futuristic Bedroom Idea: Floating Bed  above a Universe-like Carpet
Photo: Curly&Candid 
Futuristic Bedroom Idea: A Literal Floating Bed Mounted on a Platform Above a Seating Area
Photo: HomeAdore
Futuristic Bedroom Idea: Floating Bed on a White Platform that Widens to Form a Nightstand
Photo: NeuHausDesigns
Futuristic Bedroom Idea: Floating Bed Inside a Pod-Like Construction With Lit Floor and Small, Open Clothesrack in the Background
Photo: Lucept

The Window Front

In quite a lot of Sci-Fi movies you will have seen the large glass-fronts overlooking the city or (bare) landscape below.

This image from our collective cultural knowledge translates well into the now as well.

Make use of window fronts to create the feeling of surveying the (possibly hostile) environment or the living, breathing metropolis from the sanctuary of your own home.

Futuristic Bedroom Idea: Modern Bed Shaped Like an Arrowhead Facing the Corner of Two Large Window Fronts Looking Out over the City Below
Photo: Jeff Green Photography
Futuristic Bedroom Idea: Circular Bed with Privacy Curtain Set in Front of a Large Window Front Overlooking the Skyline and the Sea in the Distance
Photo: ZenIdeen
Futuristic Bedroom Idea: Bed on a Raised Platform With Dark Headboard Set in Front of a Large Window Front Separated With Industrial Iron Beams that Appear to Hold op the Glass Ceiling
Photo: Just My 2 Cents – Carolyn Mantia
Futuristic Bedroom Idea: Pod-Like Bed Set Alongside a Window Front Overlooking the Beach and Sea
Photo: GetPillowPets
Futuristic Bedroom Idea: Pink Upholstered Bed Set on the Ground Floor in Front of A View of a Lake and Mountains in the Background
Photo: NZZ Bellevue

The Underwater Look

One of Sci-Fis biggest themes is a society that has moved to the bottom of the sea, be it to escape polluted air, or to help solve the problem of overpopulation.

It should not be surprising, that this enticing idea (who doesn’t want to live at, if not in the sea?!) has been picked up as a popular motive for futuristic bedroom designs.

On top of looking incredibly next-century, the blue and green hues associated with the sea have an incredibly calming effect that works great in bedrooms. (And if you have ever slept in a room with an aquarium you will know the almost hypnotic properties of gently swaying water plants, roaming shoals of fish, and slowly rising air bubbles!)

Futuristic Bedroom Idea: Bedroom with Circular Window over Bed and Curved Wall Made to Look Like an Underwater View on the Opposite Side
Photo: Inhabitat
Futuristic Bedroom Idea: Bedroom Done Up in Blue and Green Hues with a Large Rectangular Screen on the Wall Showing Shoals of Fish
Photo: MyModernMet
Futuristic Bedroom Idea: Minimalist Bedroom Done in Wood with Underwater-Scenes Projected on the Curved Walls and Ceiling
Photo: Gadgetsnieuws

The Pod

In our collective imagination a future life very often contains the idea of living in a “pod”, whatever this may look like exactly.

One thing is undeniable, though – living space will become smaller and smaller, particularly in the cities. So it is not a big surprise that our ideas for the future feature small, enclosed spaces in which humans live like the proverbial peas in a pod.

This idea of pod-like, bubble-shaped designs also features heavily in futuristic bedroom designs, and it’s definitely a sight to behold.

Futuristic Bedroom Idea: Room With Curved Walls and Similarly Curved Furniture with Round Windows, a Circular Bed and Bubble Design Elements
Photo: Metalocus
Futuristic Bedroom Idea: Minimalist Bedroom with Circular Bed Beneath a Similarly Shaped Lighting Fixture
Photo: 88designbox
Futuristic Bedroom Idea: A Polygone Shaped Dome-Pod Surrounding the Bed
Photo: Home Decor Ideas
Futuristic Bedroom Idea: Circular Pod-Like Room With Curved Walls and Pink and Blue Lighting
Photo: Technikjournal

The Black and White

Am overall black and white design by no means is novel or futuristic concept, but this classic colour-scheme combined with plain lines, curved walls, wide windows, and other futuristic design elements are a real stunner that works just as well in the now as it does in an as of jet undefined future.

Futuristic Bedroom Idea: White Room With Curved Walls and Black Bed Sunk into a Circular Recess in the Wall
Photo:  Stone Bridge Custom Home
Futuristic Bedroom Idea: Bed Built into a Rectangular, Room Divider-Like Wall Wrapping Around it
Photo: Who Cares?! Design
Futuristic Bedroom Idea: Asymmetrically Designed White Bedroom With Black Rug, Black Dresser, and Black Sheets in Front of Light Window Front
Photo: Evermotion

The Spaceship

Obviously spaceships feature very high on the list for futuristic design inspirations. And we’re not talking about the super boring interior of our contemporary rockets here.

Spaceships, in popular culture, come in all shapes and sizes, but they all feature a kind of over-the-top yet reduced visual style that simply begs to be adapted for bedrooms.

Futuristic Bedroom Idea: Reduced Design with Curvy Furniture and Sharp Geometric Angles and Lines on the Floor and Ceiling
Photo: Homeconceptor
Futuristic Bedroom Idea: Mint Green Bed, Headboard, and Sofa under a Wooden Canopy Stretching the Ceiling with Neon Green Lights
Photo: Archzine
Futuristic Bedroom Idea: Minimalist Bed Set in Front of Spacecraft Interior Wallmural
Photo: Etsy

The Sci-Fi

Wheter you go all neon-coloured or regulation-issue grey in the colour scheme, the general idea seems to be that the future can go either way.

In other words, it’s completely up to you which way your Sci-Fi inspired bedroom decoration will go. As long as it’s different, you’re definitely in!

Bedroom Design Idea: Sci-Fi Interpretation of a Living Quarter with Minimalist Bed and Holographic Workspace in Front of Window
Photo: Cuttingedgeredlands
Futuristic Bedroom Idea: Bedroom Done Up Wholly in Pink-Metallic
Photo: House Hunting
Futuristic Bedroom Idea: Minimalist Bedroom with Geometrically Patterend Walls and Neon Coloured Lights
Photo: Volkshotel Amsterdam

The Canopied “Pod”-Bed

A common theme in futuristic bedroom design is the enclosed bed.

This type of bed is either fully enclosed in a kind of “pod”, boasts high curved head- and foot-boards, and/or is covered by a canopy – whether a real one or a clever way of designing floor and ceiling colours.

Futuristic Design Idea: Mattress Inside a Pod-Like White Cubic Bedframe
Photo: Decoholic
Futuristic Bedroom Idea: White Canopied Bed Made of Shiny Plastic
Photo: AlleIdeen
Futuristic Bedroom Idea: Bed Located under a Geometic Blue Leather Canopy
Photo: Style Denizen
Futuristic Bedroom Idea: Bed Shaped Like a Compressed S With the Upper Curve Acting as Curved Headboard
Photo: Majoys
Futuristic Bedroom Idea: Pink And Black Checkered Pattern Wraps Around Floor, Wall, and Ceiling Wrapping the Bed in a Riot of Colour
Photo: DecorDev
Futuristic Bedroom Idea: Pod Like Bed With "Skylight" and Multiple Screens Mounted at the Footboard to Form a HighTech Media Centre
Photo: GaleGale


There are, of course, also more contemporary bedrooms that incorporate various of the futuristic aspects we have mentioned above (and a few others as well).

Those might just be the most easily applicable futuristic bedroom design ideas for you. The typically do not need a whole remodel, but just a few futuristic touches here and there that change the feeling of the whole room.

Futuristic Bedroom Idea: Bedroom With Pink-Violet Indirect Lighting
Photo: Indulgy
Futuristic Bedroom Idea: Bed Located in a Pod-Like Circular Hole in the Wall
Photo: Pinterest
Futuristic Bedroom Idea: Circular Bed on a Circular Platform Set with Spotlights
Photo: Architecture and Design
Futuristic Bedroom Idea: Bedroom With Geometric Shapes Set in the Ceiling and Rectangular Spotlights Set into the Bedframe
Photo: ImgLabs
Futuristic Bedroom Idea: Violet Paint Integrated in the Floor, Wall and Ceiling Used to Create an Optical Illusion of Gemetric Shapes and Canopy in Which the Bed Is Set
Photo: @tZine
Futuristic Bedroom Idea: Bedroom With Metallic Furniture and Decorations Held in Light Colours and Much Gold to Create a Futuristic Look
Photo: Eric Weston Photo

Which of the futuristic bedroom design ideas do you like best? Which of our examples would you want to sleep in – now, or in some distant future? Let us know in the comments below!