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A doorless shower, or walk-in or Roman shower, is one of the most sought-after features of a home these days.

And while the idea itself has been around for quite some time, there is really nothing old-fashioned or retro about having a doorless shower in your bathroom. 

Nor does a walk-in shower mean that your shower will become hardly noticed and overshadowed by the rest of the room’s design. Quite the contrary, actually – a well-executed Roman shower will easily become the focal point of your bathroom and will delight you (and everyone lucky enough to use it) for a long time to come.

So, why a doorless shower?

Well, the obvious answer is “because it look fabulous!”.

And while this is certainly true, there are other reasons that can convince the sceptics:

  • A doorless shower means less cleaning! (And who doesn’t love that argument?!) In any “traditional” shower, the glass door and/or sides are the places you’ll need to clean most often – each and every speck of left-over shower-gel and every drop of dried-up residue water is glaringly visible on a glass door, leading most homeowners to constantly brandish whatever cloth is closest to towel down the surface.
  • Not everyone has the same standardised bathing needs. Particularly in a society where people become increasingly older, factoring in the very real possibility of a future reliance on walking aids and decreased mobility, balance and dexterity when planning your home is a good idea to make sure you’ll be able to enjoy your bathroom design for a long time to come.
  • A walk-in shower saves space. Yes, this might sound counter-intuitive, but the very simple fact that you don’t have to rely on the standard shower forms makes it possible to fit in a doorless shower nearly everywhere there’s still room. You don’t have a convenient perfectly-shaped corner to fit your shower tray left in your bathroom? Place the shower in the middle of the room, or against a long wall, or in that cumbersome strangely shaped corner you just don’t know what to do with. 

As you can see, there are quite a few arguments speaking for going with the trend of having a doorless shower (and quite a few more we haven’t mentioned here). 

But the most efficient way of convincing you to consider having a Roman shower in your bathroom is simply showing you. A picture, after all, says more than a thousand words, right? 

Enjoy the beautiful design ideas below and don’t hesitate to daydream about how your favourites would look like in your very own bathroom! 

Teak Eyecatcher

Doorless Shower with Teak Floor
Photo: Popular Home Interior Decoration

In a classic white marble bathroom, having a large teak wood floor denoting your doorless shower area is a great way of adding that one special emphasis that draws the eye.

Bedroom Shower

Doorless Shower in the Bedroom
Photo: Top Home Designs

A shower does not necessarily have to be situated in a bathroom – having it right there in your bedroom can increase both comfort and intimacy. There’s nothing better than falling out of bed and straight into the warm shower (or vice versa), and we don’t think we’ll need to say anything about the appeal of watching your partner shower. 

Shower for Two

Doorless Shower for Two
Photo: DigsDigs

We’re sure you’ve heard the saying “Save water – share a shower!” before.

Well, this spacious walk-in shower with two separate shower heads might just be the most comfortable way of doing exactly that. (And it puts the age-old fight over who gets to stand under the warm water to a very satisfying end!)

Enjoy the View

Doorless Shower with a View
Photo: Architecture Beast

Your bathroom would offer a stunning view but you probably won’t ever really look out of the window while using it anyway?

No! Make use of it! 

We realise that putting a shower right in front of a floor-length window is an idea that needs getting used to, but really? It’s an ingenious way of making sure you’ll have the time to actually see the view outside and have the time to enjoy it! Plus, it’s completely unique and beautiful! An absolute winner idea! 

A Green Bathroom

Doorless Shower with Plants
Photo: Don Pedro Home Decor & Design

Slowly but surely plants do find their way into bathrooms. But there usually is that one tiny problem: you quickly forget to water them, because its such an out-of-the-mind place to have plants.

Well, if you decide to grow a few sturdy plants right alongside your shower, the excess water and fine mist that always accompanies a good rinse makes extra watering practically unnecessary.

Just keep in mind to make sure that sudsy water will flow away from your planter while planning your walk-in shower, and you’ll greatly enjoy showering next to beautiful, living greenery! 

All the World’s a … Shower

Doorless Shower that is the Whole Room
Photo: Pinterest

If you have a particularly tiny bathroom, why not turn the whole room into your shower? 

Granted, you’ll need a good drainage, but otherwise, there’s nothing better for saving space without compromising your need for a luxurious shower than simply turning the whole room into your shower “stall”. 

Privacy Wanted?

Doorless Shower with Beautiful Curtain for Privacy
Photo: Czmcam Home Remodeling

We understand that having a doorless shower can be a daunting idea, particularly if you are a shy person or want/need some privacy at times.

This bathroom shows that walk-in showers can cater to any need and mood. The spacious doorless shower with the small shower seat makes for a great barrier-free bathroom, and the beautiful floor-to-ceiling length grey curtain offers the possibility of showering in private while adding to the overall design while remaining opened. A perfect compromise. 

Shower or Tub?

Doorless Shower Opposite of Tub
Photo: Better Homes & Gardens

Many people want a big shower, but don’t want to miss out on having a comfortable bathtub for those days where you just need a good soak. Sadly, many small bathrooms make this an either-or choice.

Not any longer! 

Fit your bathtub into the walk-in shower space and you’ll be able to enjoy the best of both worlds! 

Black is Beautiful

Doorless Shower in Black
Photo: Aabakc

It’s always great to spice up a light-coloured bathroom with one stark contrast. 

Here, the black shower corner does the job perfectly and add a luxurious, elegant touch to the light floor and ceiling. But the great design choices don’t stop there – the bright orange, very modern bench that separates the shower-area from the rest of the bathroom is an inspired touch we love very much! 


Doorless Shower Framed by Half-Height Walls
Photo: Home Design Ideas

Not having a door in your shower does not necessarily mean there are not walls.

In this case, the corner walk-in shower is beautifully framed by half-height walls that gradually rise up to (nearly) room height and give the shower a feeling of privacy and comfortable enclosure but without restricting access and view at the same time. 

Set Fire to the Rain

Doorless Shower with Fireplace in the Background
Photo: LetsBnB

For the longest time we have puzzled over what Adele means when she’s singing about setting fire to the rain. We might have just found the solution!

This stunning doorless shower is cunningly placed in a way that has the separating wall to the next room over falling away just so that it gives the perfect view of the fireplace behind.

Can you imagine anything more comfy than standing under the beautiful rain shower, feeling thoroughly warmed both inside and out by the water surrounding you and the fire flickering in front? We can’t! 

Circle of Life

Circular Doorless Shower
Photo: Udummiri

Another unquestionable benefit of a doorless shower is that you can easily go for non-traditional forms in your design.

This circular walk-in shower is a lovely example of the unique styles you can bring to life in your bathroom.

The light stones, tiles, and colours used here are beautifully accentuated by the black details and create an luxurious spa feeling that has you relaxing in a matter of moments.