9 Kitchen Peninsula Ideas


You love the idea of an kitchen island but do not have the footprint to support this design in your kitchen? Then a kitchen peninsular might just be the answer! So what is a kitchen peninsular exactly? To break it down to the easiest definition, a peninsular is basically a kind of island that is not freestanding, but rather attached to a...

10 Bohemian Kitchen Design Ideas


Have you ever walked into a kitchen and thought “That’s it, I’m never leaving again!”? If so, chances are, this kitchen has been one styled in a Bohemian design. What then is a Bohemian kitchen design? Well. The answer to this question is as complicated as it is straightforward. Bohemian, or Boho, is not a style...

5 Luxury Kitchen Design Ideas to Impress


Muted Grey Kitchen

The classic gleaming all-white kitchen heaven is still beautiful to look at. Sure. But we’ve seen them in every conceivable variation a hundred times before. What a real luxurious kitchen needs -apart from great food- is that little something that makes the room stylish yet comfortable. A place to relax and enjoy. A place of great...