35 Types of Shrubs

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Planting shrubs is a great and easy way to add variety, shade, and privacy to your garden. Shrubs, or brushes, as you might know them as well, are basically the category of plants that come in between flowers/grass and trees. Shrubs are wooded plants, typically middle in height (though there are small ones and varieties that grow up...

17 Types of Fern Plants

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Large Group of Ferns

Let’s start this article with the most amazing fun fact: Ferns are older than dinosaurs! Yes, really! Fossils suggest that some major families of ferns have been around for more than 350 million years! (Does it get any cooler than this?!) Now, some of you might think “that’s cool, but what exactly is a fern?”....

47 Different Types of Lilies

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Lilies are not only among the most beautiful flowers that can be found in any garden, they -very unsurprisingly- are also among the most favoured and most recognised ones. And since they are so incredibly popular, it won’t come as a surprise if we tell you, that some of the best known flowers bearing the name “lily”...

11 Beautiful Cactus Garden Ideas

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Minimal Cactus

Having a beautiful, green garden to please the eye is one of the biggest dreams of homeowners.  However, many of us are simply not living in an area that has a climate suitable for sustaining the type of sprawling, lush greenery you typically associate with a beautiful garden. But there is a solution! A cactus garden can be just as...