12 Doorless Shower Design Ideas


Modern Bathroom with Doorless Shower

A doorless shower, or walk-in or Roman shower, is one of the most sought-after features of a home these days. And while the idea itself has been around for quite some time, there is really nothing old-fashioned or retro about having a doorless shower in your bathroom.  Nor does a walk-in shower mean that your shower will become...

15 Shower Floor Ideas for the Perfect Bathroom


To help you kickstart the quest to finding your perfect shower floor, we have connected the best materials, styles and patterns to use as inspiration for your bathroom. When thinking about bathrooms, and bath floor designs in particular, one of the things furthest from the forefront of your mind is your shower stall most likely. Which is...

8 Types of Shower Curtain Connectors


While glass walled showers are all the rage these days, many bathrooms still require the use of a shower curtain. Particularly if you call a tub-shower combo your own, there are preciously few alternatives to the old classic. While making use of a rod to suspend your shower curtain of choice seems to be a very boring solution from a...