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Are you in search of a new doorbell?

We know, the question itself is a strange one. When does one actually search for or even need a new doorbell? Hardly ever.

But if you are still using that doorbell that has come with the home your are living in, that self-same one that has seen a lot of visitors, friends, and family come, grow, and sometimes leave, then it might just be time to change it up a bit.

And no better time than now!

Smart home technology is a marvel, becomes more and more affordable by the day, and generally is a lot more useful than you might think – particularly when it comes to doorbells.

No, you probably do not need a bell that comes with about a million different ringtones, automatically creates a holograph of you whenever you are away from home and someone comes calling, and simultaneously douses unwanted visitor in tar and feathers while sounding a supersonic alarm. But you do need comfort, safety, and the knowledge that you’ll never miss a loved one dropping by.

And this is, why we are happy to introduce you to the best wireless doorbells currently on the market:

Ring Video Doorbell

Best Wireless Doorbell: Ring Video Doorbell

Ring’s HD Video doorbell is a jack-of-all-trade wireless gadget that comes in super handy for people who tend to be out and about a lot.

Simply put, this wireless doorbell allows you to answer the door from anywhere. It helps you to stay connected with what is going on at home by making use of motion-activated alerts, HD video, and a two-way talk feature.

The Ring doorbells sends an alert to your phone, tablet and PC when anyone comes to your door or pushes the button, so you can see, hear and speak to visitors from anywhere.

The doorbell comes with a wide-angle 720 HD video camera that has additional infrared night vision for your convenience. The video camera also allows you to check in on your property any time you want with just the press of a button. Built-in microphone and speakers allow you to communicate with whomever comes knocking (which comes in super handy when there’s a delivery person at the door!).

The Ring doorbell comes with all the tools you will need to install it and the set up is done in just minutes. For added convenience, the doorbell can be connected to Alexa, so that you can comfortably make use of the talk-back feature with your Echo devices.

Key Features:

  • 720p HD video
  • Two-way talk feature
  • Sends alert to phone, tablet and PC
  • Easy installation and set-up (tools included)
  • Alexa (and Echo) connection

SadoTech Model C Wireless Doorbell,

Best Wireless Doorbell: SadoTech Model C

SadoTech’s Model C is a stylish doorbell that comes in a modern design and is incredibly easy to install.

It has a great operation range of over 500 feet (up to 1.000 in open areas!) and its remote transmitter button comes with an IP33 rating, which means it is both weather- and waterproof (operating temperatures of -4°F to 140°F).

The SadoTech comes with 52 different chimes that can be volume adjusted from 25db to 110db. It also comes with an LED indicator.

In terms of installation, all you have to do is plug the receiver into an electrical outlet and you are done. The transmitter button comes with an extra long-lasting battery that should not need to be changed anytime soon.

Key Features:

  • 500 to 1.000 feet operation range
  • Water- and weatherproof (IP33 rated)
  • For use in temperatures ranging from -4°F to 140°F
  • 52 pre-set chimes
  • Volume adjustable from 25db to 110db
  • LED indicator light
  • Plug in to install

TeckNet WA658 Waterproof Wireless Doorbell

Best Wireless Doorbell: TeckNet WA658

TeckNet’s WA658 makes it easy to replace your home’s generic doorbell ring with a chime tune that better fits your individual style.

The doorbell comes with 32 pre-set chimes that can be played at four different volume levels (25 to 85db). Furthermore, there is an LED indicator which allows you to switch off sound while still being alerted to visitors. All in all, there are three working modes to choose from: just sound; sound and LED light; just LED light.

This doorbell comes with an industry-leading 820 feet working range in typical environment, and reaches up to 1.000 feet in open spaces. And even in super populated areas, the TeckNet operates on 64.000 different codes, making unwanted interferences more than just unlikely.

It plugs in to any standard wall outlet, which makes it super easy to install and operate.

Key Features:

  • 820 feet to 1.000 feet operation range
  • LED indicator
  • 3 working modes (music; music & light; light)
  • 32 pre-set chimes
  • 4 volume settings (from 25 to 85db)
  • Easy to install (plug in)

STARPOINT Expandable Multi-Unit Wireless Doorbell System

Best Wireless Doorbell: Starpoint L-Series Multi-Unit System

Starpoint’s L-Series is a fully configurable and expandable doorbell system that can add-on more than 20 devices (receivers, transmitters, motion sensors and door sensors). This allows you to custom-build your very own home security system that fits your every need. And if you are dealing with multiple entrances, the system can be configured in a way that ensures that every doorbell rings with its own chime.

The base starter kit includes two plug-in receivers and two remote transmitter buttons, all of which operate at ranges of up to 500 feet.

The receivers are all pre-set with more than 50 tones and can be adjusted at 4 different volume levels.

The doorbells are incredibly easy to install (just plug into any electrical outlet) and even easier to pair and extend.

Key Features:

  • 500 feet operation range
  • Extendable to over 20 devices (allows wider range cover)
  • Can be used as beeping/pager system
  • 50 pre-set chimes
  • 4 volume levels
  • Easy to install (plug in) and even easier to pair and extend
  • Starter set with 2 receivers and 2 transmitter buttons

AVANTEK D-3B Waterproof Doorbell

Best Wireless Doorbell: Avantek D-3B

Avantek’s D-3B wireless doorbell is a high performance device that can be extended with up to two additional transmitters and a number of receivers.

The device comes with a whopping operational range of 1.312 feet and will not interfere with any other equipment of yours or your neighbour’s.

It is pre-set with 52 chimes and the built-in stereo speaker delivers a rich and crisp sound at 5 adjustable volume levels (up to 115db).

The D-3B is super easy to install and has an incredibly low power-consumption. It comes with a long-lasting CR2032 lithium battery  and is IP55 rated. This means it is both dust- and waterproof and has a working temperature range of -4°F to 140°F. In other words, it withstands quite a lot of bad weather, and then some.

Key Features:

  • Up to 1.312 feet operation range
  • Extendable with 2 additional transmitters and various receivers
  • 52 pre-set chimes
  • 5 volume levels (up to 115db)
  • For temperatures between -4°F and 140°F
  • Dust-, water- and weather proof (IP55 rated)
  • Easy to install (plug in)


Q: Why does one wireless doorbell on the list have video and the others don’t?

Because Ring-doorbells come with a lot of bells and whistles attached. Figuratively and literally speaking.

Generally speaking, most wireless doorbells do nothing your “old” doorbell doesn’t as well. They idle until someone presses the button and they start to chime.

Wireless doorbells, of course, have other possibilities that take them further than that. They may include motion sensors, talk-back functions, or -indeed- a video feed. And they may communicate with something besides the chime – a phone, computer, smart home device, etc.

And where other wireless doorbell producers have chosen to make those things optional, Ring includes (at least some of) them in even their most basic varieties.

Q: Do I need video? Talk back? Sirens? And all that jazz?


This is a question, only you can reliably answer.

As a rule of thumb we would suggest that if at least one person is at home pretty much at all times (outside normal work hours, possibly), then you very probably do not need any more features than a standard ringer and chime.

If you tend to be away a lot, then video and talk-back features may come in very handy (think delivery person!).

The same goes for people who are slow, largely immobile, or even bedridden. Video and talk-back features to check who is calling and telling them to either wait or how to come in may just make life that much easier.

Q: What about maintenance/follow-up costs?

Typically, the only thing you need to consider when it comes to follow-up costs is purchasing a new battery for the sender (the actual doorbell button) every now and again. How long those batteries last is entirely up to amount of use (and weather conditions to some extent).

Most vendors have good warranties in place for the actual devices, so this should very likely not be a concern at all. (You might want to have a look at their return-, refunding- and warranty policies before purchasing, though. Just to be sure you know what’s up.)

Q: Are wireless doorbells hard to install?

No! Absolutely not!

In 9 out of 10 cases all you have to do is plug in the receiver and tape or screw the doorbell button to wherever you need it to be. Tapes (and often mounting brackets) are generally included in the purchase.

At times, the doorbell also requires you to sync up the sender and receiver. This isn’t rocket science either. And typically, manufacturers will walk you through the set-up process in easy-to-understand step-by-step guides or even videos.

Q: What do I need to consider when buying a wireless doorbell?

A few things come to mind:

  • video/talk-back features vs. “standard” doorbell (see above)
  • operational range (the larger your property, the longer your driveway, the more important this number becomes)
  • option to extend the system (adding further bells, motion detection, maybe even video may come in handy at some point in the future)
  • sound and indicator options (is the volume fully adjustable? is there an indicator light? can sound be turned completely off with just the light signalling – this comes in super handy with a baby around!)
  • weather/climate conditions (is the doorbell fully water- and weather proof? how about the temperatures you experience where you live? or is it located in a nook/sheltered position anyway?)