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You know all about upright and canister vacuum cleaners, don’t you?

Yeah, we thought so.

But did you realise that there is a third group of vacuums you very likely haven’t heard of before? There is!

Water filtration water cleaners are not very widely known outside the world of TV commercials, but we think that should be changed.

If you have ever experienced the absolute and utter mess a ripped vacuum bag can cause, you will want to listen up now. Similarly, if you have ever managed to empty your bagless vacuum next to the bin instead of into it, this is for you. (And yes, we have lived through both. And more. Ooops.)

So, water filtration vacuums. What is it and how does it work? Well, basically, the name says it all. Instead of your typical vacuum bag or dust collection container, any debris is filtered through a water tank.

There are two definite up-sides to water filtration vacuums, and one down-side.

Let’s start with the negative first: they are fairly expensive. As with any new technology, these vacuums come with a price.

The two factors that we think can make up for that are: they are the by-far best choice for allergy sufferers, as the water filtration binds dust, pet hair and whatever else causes you trouble very reliably; and they -by their vary nature- deal absolute best with both wet and dry messes that need to be cleaned without any fear of damaging the device.

Below you can find a list of our favourite water filtration vacuum cleaners. Maybe you want to give them a try as well?

Kalorik Water Filtration Vacuum Cleaner

Best Water Filtration Vacuum Cleaners: Kalorik

Kalorik’s water filtration vacuum is a dream to use thank to its super manoeuvrable caddy design with 4 sturdy castor wheels.

The vacuum is suited for both wet and dry cleaning and comes with a heavy-duty 2-in-1 floor brush, a dust brush, as well as a crevice tool. And the best? All accessories can be stored away on-board for easy access and minimal use of space.

The Kalorik obviously comes with no bag to replace, but features a handy dust/water full indicator and an auto-stop switch instead.

In terms of noise, this vacuum is very silent compared to other vacuums thanks to an extra motor gasket that helps reduce noise levels.

Key Features:

  • Easy to use and manoeuvre
  • For wet and dry cleaning
  • Three types of brushes included
  • Dust/water full indicator and auto-stop switch
  • Silent

Quantum X Upright Water Vacuum Cleaner

Best Water Filtration Vacuum Cleaner: Quantum X Upright

The Quantum X vacuum is special in that there are rather no other water filtration based cleaners that come as upright models. If you have always enjoyed the ease on your back only upright vacuums really provide, this is the one for you!

The Quantum X also comes with an 18” telescoping head that can easily get under anything with a 4” clearance. And that means that this vacuum reaches all the places where dust really hides!

The vacuum easily handles wet spills and pet stains on top of your “normal” dust and crumbs. From now on, your pet’s accidents or your kid’s spills (or the other way round) are no problem to clean up at all.

The Quantum X also works on all floor surfaces and automatically adjusts to floor heights and carpet pile.

And on top of all of that, this cleaner is the only vacuum with antibacterial micro silver embedded into it! This little extra greatly reduces germs, bacteria and viruses on contact and helps to keep your whole home and family clean and healthy.

Key Features:

  • Upright vacuum cleaner
  • Telescoping head
  • For wet and dry spills
  • Automatically adjusts to floor types and heights
  • Antibacterial micro silver included

Sirena Vacuum with Water Filtration

Best Water Filtration Vacuum Cleaners: Sirena

The Sirena vacuum cleaner is designed for ease of use and stability. It is set onto a caddy all of whose wheels turn a full 360° for easy manoeuvrability. The caddy itself can be removed if you prefer to use it without (for example for cleaning stairs).

The cleaner is safe for use on bare floors and carpet and comes with a washable HEPA filter on top of the water filtration system. This makes it the best choice if you are dealing with heavy allergies or asthma.

The transparent water tank lets you have a good look at how effective the vacuum is. It also shows you the inner workings of the system. For example, you will see that a special baffle is located behind the intake port to help keep larger debris away from the separator. It also allows for easy water disposal while at the same time holding back pet hair or larger debris for separate emptying.

The cleaner can deal with both wet and dry stains, and it is super effective. Actually, it can pick up some 3 litres of liquids before it needs to be emptied, which is astonishing.

The Sirena comes with a lot of attachments like: power nozzle; electric hose; wet and dry hose; dusting brush; inflation tool as well as a telescopic wand.

Key Features:

  • Super manoeuvrable
  • Water Filtration and washable HEPA filter
  • Water tank with baffle that holds back larger debris when emptying
  • Comes with many attachments
  • For wet and dry spills – can pick up 3 litres of liquids

Hyla NST Vacuum

Best Water Filtration Vacuum Cleaners: Hyla NST

The NST from Hyla is a superb choice for all surfaces. The water filtration vacuum operates as both a dry and wet vacuum and comes with hoses for both options.

Speaking of things it comes with – the NST arrives with a complete accessory kit, which includes its fabled power nozzle for use on carpets. The nozzle works with a high-torque beater bar that pushes the brushes deep into the carpet fibres, spreads them apart, and snatches up embedded debris. It is amazing what this vacuum picks up. Especially when it comes to stray/shedded hair!

And if you have bare floors in your home, never fear. There’s a goody for you as well! The NST’s premium 2-position bare floor tool cleans deeply into the surface irregularities of tile or wood floors for a super thorough clean.

Key Features:

  • Dry and wet vacuum
  • Easily deals with both carpet and bare floors
  • Special power nozzle for use on carpets
  • Two-position bare floor cleaning tool
  • Incredibly hair pick-up powers


Q: Why are water filtration vacuums so much pricier than regular vacuums?

Two reasons, basically.

On one hand, the system itself is rather unique. And, as always, the less competition, the higher the price.

On the other hand, as we have mentioned before, water filtration vacuum cleaners are mainly a thing in “As seen on TV”-circumstances. And this means, that most of the cleaners are sold by direct sellers instead of in chains and retailers. This also adds to the price.

Q: Are they worth the price?

Depending on how much usage you get out of them: yes.

If you often vacuum, have both tiles/wood and carpet floors, often have to deals with both wet and dry spills, have (accident-prone) pets and/or kids, or suffer from allergies, then yes, you will make up the price easily.

If you only vacuum a few times per month, or even less, and typically do not have to mop up a lot of spills, then you may want to consider going for a more “traditional” system.

Q: Which type of water filtration vacuum should I get?

As there is only one upright water filtration vacuum on the market, your choices are limited anyway.

Off the bat we can think of a few reasons to invest in the upright version: it’s typically easier on the back; it can reach super oblique places that tend to get overlooked and often cannot be reached with more traditional vacuums; it’s easier to store away in tight spaces.

But overall, it is your choice and your preferences should be the deciding factors. Any of the products we have introduced you to above are good picks anyway.

Q: Can the vacuum be used without water?

That question has one very simple and straightforward answer:


If you run the device with no water inside, there is nothing the air is filtered through, which means all the dirt you suck up gets blown out again.

Q: Anything else I need to consider before buying?

Are there allergy-prone or immune-compromised people in your home? If so, consider those vacuum options that come with added HEPA filter, anti-microbial silver, or similar options.