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Having a pet is great, I think we can all agree on that, yes?

Having to deal with pet-hair, however, is a nightmare. Or, at least, it can be.

But never fear! We have tried and tested and have used our pet’s shedding super-powers to figure out which vacuums on the market are the very best in dealing with pet hair.

We can not promise you miracles — even the very best vacuum is powerless against a truly dedicated shedder. But we can promise you ease of use, flexibility, robustness, and enough battery time to deal with the suffocating potential of spring and fall shedding.

BISSELL Pet Hair Eraser Lithium Ion Cordless Hand Vacuum

Best Vacuum for Pet Hair: Bissell Cordless Hand Vacuum

Bissell’s handheld, cordless vacuum removes more embedded dirt and pet hair than any of its competitors. It comes with a 14V lithium ion battery for extra powered cleaning and an extended run time.

The vacuum features triple level filtration and a large, easy-to-empty dirt bin (capacity: 0.7 litres!) to help get rid of pet hair easily. Its accompanying set of specialised pet tools includes a motorised brush tool (removes embedded dirt and pet hair), an upholstery tool (cleans soft surfaces and furniture while attracting pet hair), and a crevice tool (for hard-to-reach areas and tight spaces).

Bissell’s vacuum is the perfect choice for cleaning stairs, upholstery, car seats and everything else you can think of. And on top of that, buying Bissell products saves pets! The company will donate $5 for each purchase of a Pet Hair Eraser Li Ion product (upon activation).


Key Features:

  • Handheld cordless vacuum
  • Long-lasting 14V lithium ion battery
  • Large dirt bin (capacity: 0.7 litres)
  • Includes 3 specialised pet tools
  • $5 donation for every activated Bissell Pet Hair Eraser device

Eureka NEU202 PowerSpeed Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner

Best Vacuum for Pet Hair: Eureka NEU202 Bagless Upright Vacuum

Eureka’s NEU202 bagless upright vacuum is the cleaning partner that makes like so much easier for you.

The vacuum might be corded, but it comes with a super handy automatic cord rewind for hassle-free storage. This means you can quickly wrap the 25’ cord with just the  push of a button!

The vacuum is great for multi-surface cleaning. With nothing more than the turn of the 5 floor-types setting dial the brush’s head adjusts to everything from hardwood to shag rugs.

The easy to empty dust tank holds a whopping 2.1 litres, which means you will have to empty it way less often. And what’s more – the filter itself is washable. Just rinse and re-use without any further maintenance costs!

The Eureka comes with a superb selection of accessories (7″ crevice tool, dusting brush, upholstery tool, and pet tool), all of whom can be stored on-board for easy access.

The vacuum is super lightweight (just 12.3 lbs) and liftable, and also comes with a 10′ extended reach for easy above-head cleaning of ceilings, curtains, and other hard to reach places.

And speaking of ease of use: the Eureka also comes with LED highlights that light up any stray dirt, dust, and pet hair that is stubbornly hiding under furniture or in those hard-to-see nooks and crannies.

Key Features:

  • Lightweight bagless upright vacuum
  • Automatic cord rewind
  • 4 accessories & on-board storage
  • 12.6” wide cleaning head with LED highlights
  • 10′ extended overhead reach
  • 2.1 litres dust cup capacity

Audew Cordless Handheld Vacuum

Best Vacuum for Pet Hair: Audew Cordless Handheld

Audew’s lightweight hand vacuum is both cord- and hassle-free and helps you to enjoy complete freedom of movement during your clean-up. It is lightweight and ergonomically designed and comes with a premium lithium battery for extra long use and super quick recharge.

The Audew is one of the, if not the quietest handheld vacuum on the market, but this fact doesn’t have anything to do with a possibly decreased suction. Quite contrary, actually, seeing that the vacuum comes with an upgraded power suction capability. This powerful suction is one of the two reasons why pets love the Audew. The other one being -obviously- its aforementioned quietness. There will be no more frightened cats or barking dogs when you’re using this vacuum!

And speaking of pets – another reason why Audew’s handheld is such a great fit for pet homes is the fact that it can be used in both dry and wet conditions. It easily cleans up dust, crumbs, litter, pet hair, as well as any spilt water or milk-bowls.

And once the vacuum has dealt with the mess, all you have to do is take out the filter, rinse it, and it’s good to go again!

Equipped with 3 different types of attachments and a large, super easy to empty click-off dust cup, the Audew is the ideal choice for home and office, and promises quick clean-up of furniture, stairs, car-seats, breakfast nooks, etc.

Key Features:

  • Cordless hand vacuum
  • Lightweight and ergonomically designed
  • Super quiet
  • Washable filter
  • Large click-off dust cup
  • Wet and dry use

Hoover Max Performer Pet Upright Vacuum Cleaner UH72625

Best Vacuum for Pet Hair: Hoover Max Performance Pet UH72625

Hoover’ Max Performance Pet vacuum with its specially designed pet tools and powerful Wind Tunnel 3 technology is the perfect choice for family homes with kids.

There are quite a number of reasons speaking in favour of the Hoover, not least among them is it’s incredibly powerful suction. The combination of Hoover’s Windtunnel technology and an extra wide nozzle (15 inch!) proves to be very effective against all manners of dirt and dust, and super strong when it comes to (pet) hair stuck on furniture and carpets.

The Hoover helps you to effortlessly clean multi-surface floors, and an additional brush roll for carpet cleaning can be turned on with just a tap of your finger. Furthermore, the extra long 30ft power cord allows you an incredible range of motion through your home, while 15 feet of extended reach give you additional versatility.

Outfitted with odour-trapping carbon HEPA filtration, a large capacity dirt cup, and an array of tools (a pet turbo tool for removing stubborn pet hair from upholstery and stairs; a pivoting dusting tool to dust and clean surfaces, above shelves and anything else with a wide cleaning path; a crevice tool to get into cracks and crevices; and the aforementioned extension wand that helps you reach above floor areas such as ceiling fans and shelves), this hoover is just the perfect fit for any situation.

And once you’re done cleaning, emptying the convenient bottom-release dirt cup is an absolute piece of cake.

Key Features:

  • Upright vacuum
  • Windtunnel 3 technology for maximum suction
  • 30 feet power cord
  • Extra wide nozzle (15 inch!)
  • Four attachments (incl. pet turbo tool)
  • Odour-trapping carbon HEPA filters

Shark Rotator TruePet NV752 Upright Vacuum

Best Vacuum for Pet Hair: Shark Rotator True Pet NV752

Shark’s upright vacuum comes with a detachable canister for portable cleaning. This makes it the jack-of-all-trades of vacuum cleaners. With just the touch of a button, the Powered Lift-Away technology allows you to lift the canister away and deep-clean hard-to-reach areas. And, if that’s not amazing enough, let us spell the three different modes the Shark can be used out for you: the “normal” Upright Mode, the Lift-Away Mode to extend the reach of the motorised cleaner head, and the Above-Floor mode that provides premium carpet cleaning abilities.

The accompanying TruePet Mini Motorised Brush is perfect for extracting dirt, dust and allergens from pillows, upholstery, carpets, and more.

On top of that, the vacuum is equipped with easy-to-use fingertip controls that allow you to switch effortlessly between cleaning carpets and hard floors, dynamic swivel steering that provided optimum control and manoeuvrability, and powerful LED lights on both handle and nozzle to leave no particle of dust undiscovered. The Shark also is a completely sealed system that effectively traps dust and allergens inside its HEPA filter and the 3.3 dry quarts capacity dust cup.

Key Features:

  • 3-in-1 vacuum system
  • Upright mode, lift-away mode, above-floor mode
  • HEPA filter
  • Sealed system to trap dust and allergens
  • 3.3 dry quarts dust cup capacity


Q: Should I pick an upright or a handheld vacuum?

That depends entirely on your preferences, the amount of hoovering you want to do, and how flexible you are.

Generally speaking, upright vacuums tend to be corded, which gives you a longer time-frame in which to hoover, but often limits your range of motion without un- and re-plugging.

A handheld vacuum, on the other hand, is usually more versatile in term of where you can use it. However, they tend to run on battery, which cuts back your cleaning time.

So if you have a large area to clean and tend to hoover often, then an upright device might be your better choice. If you are mainly concerned with cleaning up stray pet hair and dirt, and want to also easily vacuum your car, a handheld might be better.

Q: What makes a vacuum good for pet owners?

Two things, generally: noise and attachments.

If you have pets that are sensitive to loud sounds, you may want to make sure to grab one of the really quiet vacuums in order to not upset your furry friends.

As for the second point – most vacuums that are targeted at pet owners come with at least one pet-specific attachment. The most typical one is a pet brush that is especially well-suited for getting hair off of upholstered furniture. There are some brands that also offer grooming tools that can be attached to your vacuum.

Q: What do I need to know before buying?

First and foremost you need to be aware of how you want to use the vacuum.

Does it need to be able to cover a lot of ground? Or is flexibility of use your main priority? Do you want to take it out to the garage and clean your car up? Or will it be mainly used to quickly clean up floors? Do you need a wet-and-dry option? Are you in the market for specialised attachments, or is a “standard” nozzle but really good suction all you require? Is your pet easily frightened of loud sounds or big devices? Do you want a built-in HEPA filter to control allergens and pollutants?

Once you are clear on those things, it mainly comes down to your personal preferences in terms of size, look, and price.