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Once you have tried to heat your bolognese in the microwave uncovered, you won’t ever be that careless again, right?

As we all know, there are some foods that just tend to go “splash” once you put them into the microwave. Sauces in particular. Or everything where oil is involved.

The resulting clean-up operations are never fun. (And tend to be put off until some innocent other person [read: you!] has enough and just does it, right?)

That’s one of the reasons why you should never, ever re-heat or cook anything uncovered.

Another reason is, that it is just plain unhygienic. Particularly if the microwave is shared by a lot of people – like in an office, a dorm, etc.

If you haven’t got a good microwave cover already, we have good news for you: they hardly ever are very pricy, and we have collected the best of the best for you in the list below:

Tovolo Vented, Easy Grip, Collapsible Microwave Cover

Best Microwave Cover: Tovolo Collapsible

Tovolo’s collapsible microwave cover helps to keep food moist and the inside of your microwave clean.

Its vented holes allow steam to release evenly, prevents condensation and helps to evenly warm your food.

The large, 10.5” cover fits most plates but collapses to 1 inch for easy storage. Just use your thumbs to let it “pop up”, and push down to flatten.

The BPA free, dishwasher safe construction is very durable and comes with special finger grips for an easy lift.

Key Features:

  • Collapsible
  • Fits most standard plate sizes
  • Steam vents
  • Special finger grips for easy lift
  • BPA free, dishwasher safe

ZFITEI Magnetic Microwave Lid

Best Microwave Cover: Zfitei Magnetic Cover

Zfitei’s magnetic microwave cover helps to speed up the cooking process and to keep splatter in check.

The microwave-safe, food-safe, PBA-free 11.3in cover fits most plates, bowls & platters. It has easy-grip handles for your convenience and comes with perforated steam vents that allow excess moisture to escape.

For ease of storage, the lid comes with four magnets that make it stick to the inside roof of the microwave. (Please check if your microwave’s interior is flat and magnetic before purchase!)

Key Features:

  • 11.3 inch diameter
  • Steam vents
  • Convenient finger grips
  • Magnets for easy storage
  • BPA-free, food-save material

Nordic Ware Microwave Plate Cover

Best Microwave Cover: Nordic Ware

Nordic Ware’s transparent, high-domed plastic cover is made from BPA- and melamine-free plastic. It helps to prevents splatters while cooking and keeps food warm for serving.

The cover fits plates and bowls for up to 11 inch size and also allows for two plates to be heated at the same time by stacking them (2 covers needed).

The cover is made in the US and can be cleaned in the top rack of your dishwasher.

Key Features:

  • Fits plates up to 11 inch
  • Transparent, high-domed cover
  • BPA- and melamine-free
  • Can be stacked
  • Dishwasher safe (top rack)

Roserain Microwave Plate Cover

Best Microwave Cover: Roserain

Roserain’s microwave plate cover is made from food-safe, PBA-free material. It is FDA-certified and can stand heat of up to 300°F.

The extra strong and flexible lid comes with steam vents that helps to prevent food and sauces from splattering everywhere.

It fits most dishes, plates, and bowls and can also be used as a handy cling-film alternative.

The lid is very easy to clean and can be put into the dishwasher.

Key Features:

  • Fits nearly all plates and bowls
  • Extra strong and flexible
  • BPA-free, food-safe material
  • FDA-certified
  • Dishwasher-safe

Elegant Live 5 Piece Silicone Microwave Cover Set

Best Microwave Cover: Elegant Life Set of 5

Elegant Live’s airtight and spill-proof silicone covers perfectly seal food and keeps it from drying out.

The set of 5 comes in sizes from 6 to 12 inch and (literally) cover your every microwave need. The versatile covers fit almost anything – pots, pans, bowls, even coffee cups!

The premium BPA-free silicone lids are not only for use in the microwave, but are also great choices for cooking and baking. And they serve to keep food stored away safely. The covers easily withstand temperatures from -40 to 500°F and can therefore be used in fridges and ovens, and anywhere in-between.

Key Features:

  • Set of 5 – sizes 6 to 12 inch
  • BPA-free silicone
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Air- and spill-tight seal
  • For use from -40 to 400°F

Bezrat Vented Glass Microwave Plate Cover

Best Microwave Cover: Bezrat Glass Lid

Bezrat’s unbreakable glass microwave cover is made from food-safe materials and is 100% non-toxic, chemical- and BPA-free. (This goes for the silicone handle as well!).

With its oven-safe material that can easily withstand heat of up to 450°F, this microwave cover is a super eco-friendly, durable companion in your kitchen and the perfect alternative to plastic covers and wraps.

The large 10.5 inch cover ensures that food is being reheated fast and evenly. It comes with a 2-hole venting system that allows steam to vent, sits snugly on your microwave’s turning plate, and is super easy to lift thank to its heat-resistant silicone handle.

And what’s best: the lid is super easy to wash off and can be safely put into the dishwasher for convenient cleaning.

Key Features:

  • Eco-friendly glass lid
  • BPA-free, non-toxic silicone handle
  • Withstands heat up to 450°F
  • 10.5 inch diameter
  • Dishwasher safe


Q: Is a plastic microwave cover safe to use?


The answer is a wholehearted yes.

If you buy from a licensed seller, there is no way any material used is not up to food-safety standards and made from (at the very least) BPA-free plastic.

Should you still feel unsure about heating food inside plastic lids, there are both silicone and glass alternatives available.

Q: Will it fit my microwave?

Generally speaking, yes.

Most microwaves are similar in size, and this means that standard sized food covers usually tend to fit into them.

In any case, dimensions are typically given, so you might want to measure your microwave before clicking the “buy”-button if you are unsure.

Q: Are microwave covers easier to clean than my microwave?

Definitely. Yes!

Nearly all covers we have tested are dishwasher safe. Each and everyone can be easily rinsed and scrubbed down in the sink. Cleaning them is really no effort at all!

Q: Do I need to consider anything else?

Your main concern, very likely, is re-heating food in your microwave. All of the products mentioned above can do that. Easily.

Depending on your eating-habits, family-size, type of dishes you like to use, etc. there are a few things you might want to think about:

  • Size: If you like to eat from particularly large plates, you might want to check if the lid fits. If you tend to use bowls to heat food, you may want to check if the covers are high enough. If you use a variety of sizes and heights, maybe a set might be your best choice.
  • Ease of use: If you find yourself regularly heating up two plates, you may want to look into covers that allow for stacking in order to safe time.
  • Storage: If you are short on storage space, maybe a lid that can be stuck to your microwave’s interior via magnets might be worth considering.
  • Versatility: Some microwave covers also double as other handy kitchen gadgets. A few can be used in the oven as well, others can create airtight seals, some can be used as eco-friendly cover-alternatives to clingfilm or tinfoil, and there are materials that easily withstand heat as well as cold and can be used for food storage in the fridge as well.
  • Cleaning: Does the cover need to be dishwasher safe, or are you okay with rinsing it by hand?

In other words, have a look around, see what is available and base your decision on what you feel suits your needs best.