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Are you as tired of lugging around heavy watering pots as we are?

We really, really love our gardens, but we hate the amount of time we spend watering them by hand. In hot, dry summers it definitely feels as if we did nothing but watering the lawn and flower beds. Day in. Day out.

Or at least, that’s how it felt before we embarked on an epic test-adventure to figure out the easiest way of tending to a beautiful, well irrigated garden without the use of a watering pot.

Now, some months later, we are not only the proud owners of a super healthy, super lush lawn and marvellous plants, we also know which lawn sprinkler heads are the best there are.

And that’s exactly what you can find on the following list:

Melnor 65021-AMZ XT Turbo Oscillator

Best Lawn Sprinkler Head: Melnor 65021 AMZ XT

Milnor’s oscillating lawn sprinkler head is perfect for watering spaces up to 4.500 square feet.

The sprinkler head comes with great, adjustable coverage thanks to its twin touch split width adjustment that directs water precisely where you need it. For extra convenience, you can set a mechanic timer (up to 2 hours) that will automatically shut off the device.

The 65021 AMZ makes use of a dependable infinity turbo drive that provides extra smooth movement. This guarantees an even distribution of water throughout your garden, without any unwanted puddles forming.

Thanks to its quick connect system the sprinkler head is super easy to connect and disconnect. All you need to do is attach the sprinkler to any standard garden hose and you are done (adapters included).

Key Features:

  • 20 precision rubber nozzles
  • Coverage of up to 4.500 sq. ft.
  • Built-in mechanical timer (up to 2 hours)
  • Infinity turbo drive for extra smooth movement
  • Quick connect
  • Adapters included

Rain Bird 25PJDAC Adjustable Brass Impact Sprinkler

Best Lawn Sprinkler Head: Rain Bird 25PJDAC

Rain Bird’s impact sprinkler is guaranteed to deliver reliable performance season after season.

This heavy-duty sprinkler is constructed of brass, bronze, and stainless steel – materials that last longer than the competitors’ zinc sprinklers.

The 25PJDAC is easy to install, fully adjustable (sprinkler patterns of 20° to full 360°) and comes with a great coverage (20′ to 41′ spray distance for up to 5.200 sq. ft.).

If you are concerned about puddles forming, never fear! A diffuser screw breaks the water into smaller droplets for uniform watering and allows up to 25% radius reduction. And the water-saving die-cast, white bronze PJTM spray arm reliably controls the stream and prevents side splashes onto buildings and walkways.

The Rain Bird comes with a 1/2″ male pipe thread outlet connection for easy installation.

Key Features:

  • Impact sprinkler
  • Made from brass, bronze and stainless steel
  • Fully adjustable spray radius (20° to 360°)
  • Spray distance 20′ to 41′
  • Covers up to 5.200 square feet
  • Easy to install

GrowGreen 60 Degree Rotating Lawn Sprinkler

Best Lawn Sprinkler Head: Grow Green Rotating Sprinkler

Grow Green’s rotating garden sprinkler comes with several outstanding features that help you to efficiently water your garden with minimal effort.

The lawn sprinkler features a 360 degree rotating head which provides optimum coverage.

It is constructed from durable, high-quality ABS plastic and a rust-proof polymer, both of which make the Grow Green a super durable product that will provide you with a long lasting, reliable performance.

The sprinkler covers a wide area of lawn with its full rotation and a spray distance up to 32.8′ ft. Built-in weights keep the sprinkler securely in place and brace it against a water pressure of 80 PSI.

The fully adjustable spray directions make this head a super fun sprinkler that not only your lawn but kids and pets will love equally.

Key Features:

  • Rotating sprinkler head
  • 32.8 ft radius coverage
  • 80 PSI water pressure
  • Full 360° rotation
  • Made from ABS plastic and rust-proof polymer
  • Weighted
  • Fun for kids to play under on hot summer’s days

GARDENA ZoomMaxx Oscillating Sprinkler

Best Lawn Sprinkler Head: Gardena ZoomMaxx

Gardena’s sprinkler head is the ideal pick for every garden and lawn.

The ZoomMaxX is an oscillating sprinkler that uses 16 flexible rubber nozzles for even water distribution. It is then mounted on a large led base for stability.

The Gardena is super compact but still offers you full adjustability. You can easily control anything from width (10 – 40 ft.) to length (10 to 60 ft.) to water flow. Depending on your chosen settings, the sprinkler covers areas from 76 to 2.300 square feet.

Key Features:

  • Oscillating sprinkler head
  • 16 rubber nozzles for even water distribution
  • Fully adjustable coverage
  • 10 – 40 ft width
  • 10 – 60 ft length
  • Areas from 76 to 2.3000 square feet

Nelson Traveling Sprinkler RainTrain

Best Lawn Sprinkler Head: Nelson RainTrain

Nelson’s traveling sprinkler is a much beloved classic of lawn care. It covers an incredible area as it travels around your property. And what’s more, the heavy-duty cast iron body with chip resistant power coat paint is built to last – and it will!

The Rain Train uses the power of water to drive around the lawn. It follows a customised hose path chosen by you and thereby travels up to 200 feet and covers as much as 13,500 square feet.

It comes with three different speed settings to chose from, which guarantees the perfect level of saturation for any watering need, and it also features an auto shut-off (in the form of a ramp you can place at your desired cut-off point).

Furthermore, the Train comes with adjustable arms. This allows you to set the radius sprinkled anywhere between 15 and 55 foot coverage.

Key Features:

  • Traveling lawn sprinkler
  • Train follows a customised path
  • Propelled by water
  • Drives path up to 200 ft
  • Covers area of up to 13.500 square feet
  • Auto shut-off
  • Adjustable arms for sprinkling radius between 15 and 55 ft


Q: Which type of sprinkler head is best?

That entirely depends on your garden and your preferences.

Basically there are two type of sprinklers – stationary and moving ones.

Moving sprinkler heads cover a lot of ground while “driving” around your property independently.

Stationary sprinkler heads stay in one place, but those then can either be fixed sprinklers covering the same area at all times, or moving (oscillating) ones covering a wider area.

As a rule of thumb, moving sprinklers require the least work and cover the widest area; stationary sprinklers only cover a certain amount of area and you will need to either move them around or use more than one at any given time to cover bigger lawns.

Q: I have two left hands. Will I be able to use, let alone install them?


Not a single one of our top picks is hard to install per se. Some are a bit easier (adapters included to cover all eventualities), some require a bit more planning (making sure your hose fits the outlet, getting adaptors if needed), but none of them require any expert knowledge.

As for use – every single one of the products we endorse is super easy to handle. Again, some are a bit more “difficult” in that they have a variety of settings to chose from, where others are basically a “one-touch operation”, but that’s all there is in terms of difficulty of use.

Q: How often do I need to use a lawn sprinkler?

That’s easy – just as often as you would water your lawn anyway.

In other words – the answer to that entirely depends on temperature, humidity, season, what exactly you are watering, etc.

There are no set rules, and we are sure you can and will figure it out easily!