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Honeywell has been and still is one of the top household appliance manufacturers worldwide.

For more than a decade they have produced top-of-the-line products that impress with longevity, quality, and ease of use.

They are known for many, many lines of products, but their air quality solutions for homes truly set them apart from their competition.

And this is, why we have decided to take a closer look at their humidifier line.

We have put their most popular products to the test, have tried and measured, and had a look at the gritty details for you. And now the results are in — here is our list of the best Honeywell humidifiers currently available:

Honeywell HCM350W Germ Free Cool Mist Humidifier

Best Honeywell Humidifiers: HCM350W

Honeywell’s HCM350W is a cool mist humidifier that comes with that extra special twist: special UV technology built into the tank kills up to 99.9% of germs in the water, ensuring perfectly healthy, breathable air in every room.

The humidifier works by adding cool moisture to dry air.

It is super quiet and efficient. Special Evaporative Technique blows moisture off a wicker filter, which helps the dry air to saturate at a super quick rate. And at the same time, this technology ensures that humidity levels will never be too high – it simply is not possible to add more water to the room’s air than it can safely hold.

With its 2 gallon tank it can run up to 24 hours consecutive (on lowest setting). It also comes with a super low energy usage of just 60 watts.

Key Features:

  • Cool mist humidifier
  • UV light in tank kills 99.9% of bacteria in water
  • Evaporative technique (wicker system)
  • 2 gallon tank
  • Up to 24 hours run time

Honeywell HCM-6009 Cool Moisture Console Humidifier

Best Honeywell Humidifier: HCM-6009

The Honeywell HCM-6009 was designed for multi-room use, providing maximum comfort in large spaces. It offers soothing, invisible moisture for dry air relief in multiple rooms of your home.

The humidifier has two 1.5-gallon water tanks, which allows it to run for up to 24 hours on the low setting. A built-in adjustable humidistat automatically turns the device on and off to maintain set humidity levels, while the three speed settings allow you to further adjust the moisture output.

The HCM-6009 has a wicking filter that removes impurities from water. This helps to reduce the famous “white dust” and provides a clean moisture output.

Its QuietCare technology also makes sure that the device runs roughly 30% quieter than similar products.

Key Features:

  • Cool mist humidifier
  • Two 1.5 gallon water tanks
  • Up to 24 hours run time
  • Built in humidistat
  • Wicker filter technology that removes impurities from water
  • 30% quieter than comparative devices

Honeywell HUL520L Mistmate Cool Mist Humidifier

Best Honeywell Humidifiers: HUL520L

Honeywell’s HUL520L quietly produces a fine, visible cool mist that helps make you and your home more comfortable. Its compact size and fun colour options make it the perfect choice for small spaces and use on desktops and nightstands.

It comes with a tank capacity of 0.5 gallon, which allows the humidifier to run for up to 20 hours, still. And if the tank runs dry, there is a super handy auto shut-off features as well.

The HUL520L comes with super easy-to-use controls and surprisingly variable output settings and does not require the use of a filter.

Key Features:

  • Cool mist humdidifier
  • For small rooms
  • 0.5 gallon tank
  • Up to 20 hours run time
  • Auto shut-off
  • No filter required

Honeywell HWM705B Filter-Free Warm Moisture Humidifier

Best Honeywell Humidifier: HWM705B

The Honeywell HWM705B saturates the air with a soothing, visible warm mist that goes a long way in making you more comfortable – particularly when you are battling a cold.

The ultra quiet filter-free humidifier comes with a 1 gallon tank and can run for up to 24 hours. It has an easy knob-control that allows you to switch between the high and low output settings. A handy refill-light indicates when more water is required, and the auto shut-off kicks in if this need isn’t met.

The HWM705B has an illuminated power button, needs no filter at all, and comes with a medicine cup that allows you to use liquid inhalants.

Key Features:

  • Warm mist humidifier
  • 1 gallon tank
  • Up to 24 hours run time
  • High and low output setting
  • Indicator light & tank empty auto switch-off
  • Super quiet
  • Come with medicine cup to use inhalants

Honeywell HUL535B Cool Mist Humidifier

Best Honeywell Humidifier: HUL535B

Honeywell’s HUL535B is an excellent choice for those of you, trying to establish a pristine breathing environment. It uses ultrasonic humidification technology to produce its fine, cool mist.

The humidifier is extra quiet and runs up to 24 hours on the lowest setting thanks to its 1 gallon water tank. It comes with a super handy auto shut-off and is best suited for use in medium-sized rooms.

Key Features:

  • Cool mist humidifier
  • Ultrasonic humidification technology
  • 1 gallon water tank
  • Up to 24 hours run time
  • Auto shut-off
  • For medium sized rooms

Honeywell HEV320B Cool Moisture Humidifier

Best Honeywell Humidifier: HEV320B

The Honeywell HEV320B uses Evaporative Humidification Technology that provides filtered, invisible, cool moisture to relieve any dry air discomforts in your home.

It comes with a removable 0.8 gallon break-resistant water tank and runs up to 18 hours on the low output setting.

The humidifier is super quiet (up to 30% compared to competitors), which makes it perfect for use in bedrooms. In addition to that, its wicking filter captures the minerals in tap water and so prevents the “white dust” phenomenon, which is particularly annoying in the room(s) you are sleeping in.

Key Features:

  • Cool moisture humidifier
  • Uses evaporative humidification technology
  • Wicking filter
  • 0.8 gallon water tank
  • Runs up to 18 hours
  • 30% quieter than competitors


Q: Why do I need a humidifier?

Basically, too dry air can lead to a whole lot of problems. Your mucous tissue can dry out, making it easier for viruses and bacteria to enter your body; your eyes can become dry and itchy; as can your skin; headaches can become more common; … The list is endless, and none of the items are particularly pleasant.

A humidifier adds moisture to dry air and alleviates all of these problems – and more.

Q: Why does my room air get too dry anyway?

This, typically, is a matter of climate and season.

In winter the air is drier than usual. Add in the simple fact that we all somehow heat our homes and tend to air them less, and here’s your answer.

Q: Which humidifier is the right one for me, then?

That entirely depends on your preferences, intended use, and the size of the rooms you need to humidify.

Generally, you will have to make a choice between a few factors:

  • cool vs. warm mist (neither one is particularly “better”, but warm mist tends to soothe more when you are battling a cold and is also usually the option that can be used in combination with essential oils and inhalants)
  • filter or no filter (i.e. follow-up costs or not)
  • do you need white dust control, a way of dealing with bacteria in water, etc.?
  • suitable for large or medium or small rooms