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If you need steam cleaning it’s time to call in the professionals, right?


Steam cleaning used to be a “specialised personnel only” job, but these days it’s for each and ever one of us.

Whether you need to do a thorough deep-clean, get your floors (nearly) germ-free, clean fabrics and upholstery, or have to deal with a dried up, sticky spill, some jobs simply require more attention than just wiping and mopping.

Getting tasks like that done professionally tends to cost a lot of money. Purchasing a steam cleaner of your own actually helps you safe money in the long run.

You will see, as soon as the option to thoroughly clean everything literally lies in your hands, you will make use of it. And you will love the fresh, hygienic, sparkling results you can achieve in no time and little work at all.

High pressure steam cleaners are surprising and throughly amazing gadgets every household should invest in, we think. And this is, why you can find a run-down of the top steamers currently available right here:

McCulloch MC1275 Heavy-Duty Pressurised Steam Cleaner

Best High Pressure Steamers: McCulloch MC1275

McCulloch’s MC1275 steamer is a heavy-duty, professional solution for homes.

This steam cleaner uses water heated to over 200°F to effectively and naturally clean and sanitise a wide variety of surfaces.  With just 8 minutes heat-up time and 45 minutes of continuous steam, the McMulloch is one of the best you can get.

It comes with 18 different attachments (ranging from a steam jet nozzle to microfibre pads) and thoroughly cleans a variety of surfaces. Anything from (most) flooring to appliances, fixtures, outdoor furniture, tiles, and countertops can and will get steamed down in no time at all.

The MC1275  is designed for tackling even the toughest jobs in your home, garage or workshop. Its extra-long 15.7-foot power cord and 9-foot steam hose provide added manoeuvrability and reach for those hard to get to places.

Key Features:

  • 48 ounce capacity water tank
  • 8 minute heat-up time
  • Up to 45 minutes of continuous steam
  • Comes with 18 accessories
  • Lockable trigger for continuous steaming
  • 15.7-foot power cord and 9-foot steam hose
  • 33-37 g/min steam rate; 43 psi steam pressure

LIGHT ‘N’ EASY All-In-One Steamer S3601

Best High Pressure Steamers: Light'N'Easy S3601

Light’N’Easy’s All-in-One steamer is a multifunctional device for a wide variety of tasks.

Apart from being a classic steam mop and steam cleaner it can also be used as a garment cleaner, wrinkle steamer or for kitchen and bathroom deep cleans once the handheld part is detached from the main steamer.

You can easily choose between high, medium, and low steam settings based on whichever task you need to tackle and which surface you need to clean.

The S3601 comes with a smart detection systems that start and stop the flow of steam depending on the device’s position and/or your grip. Floors surface: marble, tile, grout, ceramic, stone, vinyl, laminate, and sealed wood flooring.

The steam cleaner uses 110°C hot water/steam to remove even the most persistent stains from a wide variety of surfaces and floor-types.

Key Features:

  • Multiple-function device
  • Detaches to handheld steamer
  • For floors, fabrics, kitchen & bath surfaces, wrinkle reduction, etc.
  • Smart detection system for steam on/off
  • 3 steam settings
  • Uses 110°C hot steam

Dupray Neat Heavy Duty Steamer

Best High Pressure Steamers: Dupray

Dupray’s NEAT steam cleaner is a lightweight and portable device that helps you to achieve a natural deep clean without the use of harsh chemicals. In other words, it is an efficient, ultra-reliable do-it-all cleaning and sanitation solution that comes with the professional cleaning power of much larger units.

The 18 piece kit comes with anything you need (from window tool to brass brush) to achieve an astonishingly thorough clean – everywhere. The steamer can easily remove dirt, grease, and stains while killing 99.9% of bacteria, viruses, pathogens, bedbugs, mould and other undesirables from any type of floors, furniture, toys, kitchen appliances, car interiors, grout and tiles, bathrooms and more.

With a quick heat up of just 7 minutes, the large tank (54oz/1600ml capacity) gives you up to 50 minutes of uninterrupted cleaning time. The steam itself is superheated (up to 275°F/135°C), which means extra low moisture for extra strength cleaning. And thanks to the 16’/5m extra-long power cord and a whopping 6’6”/2m steam hose you will reach anyplace in your home, office, garage or shed. Easily.

Key Features:

  • Lightweight & portable
  • 18-piece kit
  • Quick 7 minute heat up
  • Large 54oz / 1600ml tank
  • 50 minutes of hot (275°F / 135°C) steam
  • Extra long power cord (16′ / 5m)

Steamfast SF-370WH Multi-Purpose Steam Cleaner

Best High Pressure Steamers: Steamfast SF-370WH

Steamfast’s multi-purpose canister steam cleaner is a heavy-duty device that naturally cleans and sterilises a wide variety of surfaces.

With an extra-large tank capacity that provides 45 minutes of continuous cleaning, steam temperatures of more than 200°F, and a versatile array of attachments ranging from mop head to corner tool, the SF-370WH is just the right device for any job. It easily tackles shower doors and barbecue grills alike.

Thanks to its extra-long 15.4′ power cord it is easy to use wherever you need to power of pressurised steam to clean.

Key Features:

  • Extra-large tank capacity
  • 45 minutes of continuous steam
  • Steam temperatures of over 200°F
  • 8 minutes heat-up
  • 15 acessories
  • 15.4′ power cord

Pure Enrichment PureClean XL Rolling Steam Cleaner

Best High Pressure Steamers: Pure Enrichment

Pure Enrichment’s PureClean XL steamer is a versatile and high-performing steam cleaner that is safe to use on a wide variety of surfaces.

The 1.5 litre water boiler produces up to 45 minutes of continuous hot pressurised steam. This, then, can be used to effectively clean clean your home both indoors and outdoors. The PureClean XL tackles grease, grime, mould, stains, and bed bugs on a wide range of surfaces including ceramic tile, granite, waterproof wood flooring, laminate tiles, most cotton and wool carpets, and washable wallpaper.

And once you’re done and your home is all sanitised, sparkling, and fresh, you can easily store the steamer away in any cupboard thank to its space-saving design.

Key Features:

  • 1.5 litre tank capacity
  • Provides 45 minutes of continuous steam
  • Suitable for a wide variety of surfaces
  • Compact design for easy storage
  • 16 foot power cord


Q: Why should I buy a steam cleaner?

There are quite a lot of benefits arguing for having a steam cleaner in your home.

The first, and most obvious one, is money. Hiring professionals to deep clean floors, steam clean fabrics and sanitise anything from your BBQ grill to your car seats costs a ton of money. Money you can safe by buying a steam cleaner and just get things done yourself. On your very own timeline.

Another big reason to use a steam cleaner is hygiene. Yes, mopping floors is great, and yes, vacuum cleaners and/or air purifiers with inbuilt HEPA filters go a long way when sanitising your home, but there is nothing that comes even close to the cleaning and sanitising power of pressurised hot steam.

And another reason is versatility. As we have mentioned, you can clean just about anything indoors and outdoors with a steam cleaner. And it’s not just “hard surface” stuff we are talking about. Think your sofa; or mattresses; and pet beds!

Q: How does steam cleaning work?

The basic concept behind steam cleaning is the idea that shooting highly pressurised hot water vapours is a lot more effective than just dousing stuff in water or vacuuming things up.

And that is absolutely the case. Hot, moist steam loosens dried up and stuck dirt; it also kills off 99% of the germs and viruses that can be found anywhere from floors to bathroom appliances; it also creeps into fabrics and works its magic there; and it can be used for any task you would usually use water for (mopping floors, cleaning windows, etc.).

Simply put: steam cleaning equals professional, super-hygienic deep cleaning.

Q: What do I need to keep in mind when buying a steamer?

A couple of things come to mind:

  • Tank size: the bigger the tank, the longer the cleaning time in one session
  • Heat-up time: how long does it take for the device to be ready; how long are you prepared to wait
  • Cleaning duration: how long uninterrupted cleaning time does the steamer give you?
  • Versatility: which attachments are there; does it come with additional uses (e.g.: wrinkle steamer); is it easy to transport –> in other words: can it do what you want it to do?
  • Range of motion and use: is there a handheld option? how long is the power cord?
  • General use: which surfaces can the device be used on? are attachments/options for your floors/surfaces included? is there an option to toggle continuous steam without having to push a button the whole time?