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The Bathroom Layout is something that often does not get enough attention when building your house floor plan. Wether we want it or not we’re spending a lot of time in this room so taking some time to think about what’s important and what not is essential for a long lasting good experience.

One of the main things to watch out for is space. Nobody wants to smash into walls or other things when waking up in the morning. Giving this essential room a bit more space and originally planned can work wonders, but even more important is the way you layout the whole room. Natural light is of utmost importance and if there are no side windows then making a glass ceiling to get light from the roof of your house is a great option.

Here’s a check list on what to watch out for when designing your bathroom.

  • Dividing your bathroom in a wet and dry zone can help keeping your feet dry when they should be, especially if someone else used the shower shortly before you’ve entered.
  • When using a glass wall for the shower make sure that it has sufficient strength as you will definitely smash against it a few times, and overall nobody likes a wobbly experience when showering.
  • For a perfect layout make sure to include niches and then use them for storage also having a niche inside the shower for your shower gel and shampoo will help you keep your room uncluttered and increase your joy when showering as you won’t have to hunt for those essentials.
  • Adding properly lighting to the whole bathroom is crucial. If you’ve ever experienced a dark room to dress yourself, do the grooming and other activities you will know why this needs to be looked at in depth.
  • A chair or any other option to sit down is essential. This can be either incorporated in the general layout or you dedicated space for one somewhere when lay-outing the room.
  • Towels need wall space so having at least one wall that is flat and has no obstacles is required.
  • Dedicated floor heating for summer and winter is another often not considered factor. Many people think the normal heating during winter will be sufficient but trust me having warm feet on cold summer days will be a huge win.

As you can see there are quite some things to consider. But where to start and who to ask? Look no further. We will guide you through the whole process and give you some layout examples so you can rest assured that your bathroom will be one that stands out and is frustration free.