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A (basement) man cave is something many, if not all, people dream of having – and yes, by ‘people’ we mean men and women alike.

Typically, the man cave is a place of relaxation, a room to engage in your favourite activities (be it watching sports, playing games, drinking in style, making music, or whatever else floats your boat), and a space that is solely dedicated to you (and possibly your friends).

Also typically, man caves are located in places that are not naturally light and airy. If your basement has one or more windows, you’re lucky; if it is an inviting place you want to spend time in even in its bares state, you have hit the jackpot.

Most of the time, however, this is not the case – and that’s why you need to make sure to plan and invest in good lighting and inviting furnishings before you get down to the nitty-gritty of actually making the man cave suit your hobbies and fancies. 

Generally speaking, we recommend investing in a few key things while remodelling your basement:

  • Lighting: If at all possible, add (bigger) windows to let in natural light. If you have to rely solely on artificial lighting, make sure to spread the fixtures evenly throughout the room, think about adding indirect lighting to create highlights, and maybe invest in a few daylight lamps to mimic natural sunlight.
  • Insulation: You’re going to spend quite some time down in your basement – make sure it’s dry and easy to heat!
  • Flooring: As we’ve said, you’re going to spend a good amount of your time in your man cave, so don’t even think about leaving the floor a bare concrete! Go for warm woods or carpeting, to make the room instantly comfortable
  • High quality (masculine) materials and fabrics: You don’t want to end up with a bare room with some yard-sale seats and a sofa haphazardly thrown in. Invest in good quality key pieces like a comfortable leather sofa, or stylish recliners. 

Now that we have covered the basics, let’s get to the fun part! 

Each man cave is as individual as its owner, so we can’t (and don’t want to) give you a step by step guideline of what to get to create your perfect basement. What we can and will do, however, is giving you inspiration. And a lot of it!

We have collected a wealth of wonderful, stylish, cool, fancy, and extremely enviable examples of what a basement man cave can look like below. See what others have created and let yourself be inspired! 

Sports Fan

Man Cave as Tribute to Retro Sports
Photo: Survival Life

Being a sports fan does not always mean following current football or baseball teams, or rooting for your favourite basketball or ice hockey player.

As this beautiful man cave shows, retro sports have an incredible charm as well. 

In combination with the classy leather furniture and the dark wood wall panels, the prints of long since retired athletes and the strategically places sports equipment, this man cave is a aesthetically pleasing, very masculine place you can’t help but feel at home in. 

Man Cave with Large TV
Photo: Home Decor Willie

The two most important ingredients for a sports-based man cave are displayed in place of pride here: a truly enormous TV for a great match viewing experience, and (signed) jerseys of your favourite athletes mounted to the wall. 

Man Cave with Comfortable Armchairs and Kitchen Nook
Photo: Sulya Zsuzsa

A more laid-back approach to the sport-themed man cave can be seen in this example.

The comfortable leather armchairs just beg to assemble your best friends for an in-depth critique of the last game, the small kitchen nook with wine (or beer) cooler promises a more substantial feast than just chips, and the framed jerseys set the tone for the evening.

Man Cave for the Committed Baseball Fan
Photo: Interior Design

What could be more perfect for a baseball fan than having their own hall of fame slash museum slash bar located on their very own baseball court?

Exactly – nothing! And that’s what makes this sports themed man cave so cool.

With a lot of displayed jerseys and game paraphernalia, a bar, and a comfortable lounging area in front of the screen, this man cave ticks all the boxes. What makes it extra special, however, is the incredibly inspired floor design that has you sitting smack dab on the pitch. 

Film Buff

Man Cave with Wood Panelled Home Cinema
Photo: Madebymood

This home theatre screams “masculine” with every single detail.

The wood panelled walls and ceiling could be taken straight out of a noble gentleman’s country estate; the spacious, comfortable leather recliners couldn’t be any more stylish if they tried; and the generous TV is set beautifully into the wall panel. 

This is a room for film fans, and a room for men to kick back and enjoy. 

Small Home Cinema with Framed Movie Posters
Photo: Aofwe

This man cave shows that you don’t need a big room to make it all yours.

With a good-sized TV, four comfortable leather recliners, a small breakfast bar that seats another two people, and a few framed movie posters on the wall you can create your very own home cinema slash man cave.

Bar Patron

Man Cave Sports Bar
Photo: All Gifts Considered

This man cave takes the sports bar theme to the next level.

Where others might have stopped at a well-stocked bar with a framed picture of the owner’s favourite team or athlete, some decoration in form of jerseys or trophies, and a generously sized TV to follow whichever game is currently on, this man cave owner has gone all out and has created the true sports bar look with a multitude of different screens displaying various sports simultaneously, and a live ticker giving scores and stats of other events. 

Man Cave in Style of an Irish Pub
Photo:  Selincaglayan

Nothing on this planet rivals the good cheer and homeliness of a true Irish pub.

This man cave has tried to import this staple of Irish bar tradition into a private space with a lot of Ireland-themed paraphernalia, necessities like a dart board and a guitar, as well as a cozy rocking chair situated in front of a (fake) stone fireplace.

This room spells lazy evenings in good company, so grab a glass of Guinness and watch out for cheeky leprechauns! 

Man Cave Chicago Cubs Styled Bar
Photo: Twitter

This man cave would have just as well fit into the “sports themed” category, but since its focus is the bar, we have filed it here.

This smallish bar shows that you don’t need lots of space to create your perfect environment. 

Styled thoroughly in Chicago Cubs style, with a lot of logos, a lovely wall design, and a few screens to watch games and keep track of stats, this bar is certainly the home of a huge Cubs fan. And what’s better than celebrating your teams’ successes than by sharing a few cold beers with your mates? 

Man Cave as Rocker Bar
Photo: Etuovi

There’s hardly anything more fitting for a basement man cave than turning the space into a dark, seedy bar where rockers and biker gangs would love to hang out.

This man cave boasts a great set up with a small bar, dark furnishing, grey walls, and a truly epic pool table. Just looking at the photo we can practically smell old cigarette smoke and stale beer – it’s great! 

Bat-Loving Billionaire in Her Majesty’s Service 

Man Cave with Bar and Lamborghini
Photo: TopGear.nl

A luxurious, high-class man cave that would make both Bruce Wayne and James Bond weep with envy.

The grey-finished bar goes perfect with the similarly coloured walls and ceiling. Dim lighting gives a proper secret bar feeling, and the wall-mounted spots highlight selected photographs, as well as the heart of the man cave: the beautiful Lamborghini. 

Man Cave with Garage
Photo: North Scottsdale Lifestyle

This man cave is a place we can see James Bond relaxing while he waits for the next assignment to come in.

The minimalist, reduced design of the small bar combined with the tasteful leather sofa, and the subdued, yet elegant lighting create a wonderfully masculine atmosphere. 

And the waiting car collection just behind the lovely glass fronted divider wall, is just the cherry on top.

You’d expect this cross of man cave and garage to feel cold and impersonal, but somehow it just doesn’t. Quite opposite in fact – this is a place where we’d gladly hang out and sip a martini or two. Stirred, not shaken! 

Man Cave with Poker Table
Photo: Gewoonvoorhem

Casino Royale anyone?

This man cave sports an immensely cool poker table that very nearly manages to steal away all the attention from the exquisite car parked in the background. Nearly.

Also notable is the very modern pool table that looks like it has been designed for this room, and this room alone.

In short – this is what the man cave of a gentleman killer in Her Majesty’s Service should look like, if we had any say in it! (And if James Bond doesn’t want it, we’re sure Tony Stark would gladly move in!)

Gentleman’s Games Room

Man Cave with Bowling Alley
Photo: Locati Architects

Sometimes, as in this case, size does matter!

If you have lucked out in life’s lottery and are granted with a spacious basement, why not have your own personal bowling alley?

The rustic wooden walls and historic lamps create the illusion that you’re in a last-century barn, rather than in a modern basement. But one look at the modern electronics and beautifully highlighted pins down on the other side of the lane, and you know you’re in a high-class contemporary man cave. 

Man Cave with (Mini) Golf Course
Photo: Rock Bottom Golf

You’re a passionate golfer and want to reflect your man cave this part of your personality?

Why not have your very own (mini) golf court? All you need is an (elevated) green carpet you can set the holes in, a couple of clubs, and maybe a TV or two that play footage of real tournaments or golf courses.

Man Cave with Golf Simulator
Photo: Rock Bottom Golf

If you have more place (and more money) to spare, why not turn your man cave in a real golf court and club house in one?

The club area with a nicely sized kitchen and wet bar, a nook with a pool table, and a generous seating area is what you’d expect a stylish man cave to look like.

What makes the man cave real special is the golf simulator that takes up part of the room – there you can work on your drive, practice your perfect shot, and play the world’s most beautiful courses right from the comfort of your home – and with all your friends along for that dash of friendly rivalry you need to play your very best game. 

Man Cave With Pool Table, Air Hockey, and More
Photo: Czmcam Home Remodelling 

Sometimes all you want is a place where you can play to your heart’s content.

This man cave offers a lot of different games that you typically only find in bars and penny arcades.

Whether you feel like playing a classic game of pool, or hit a traditional arcade machine, this is your location! And we wouldn’t be surprised if there’s a round of beer pong waiting to be played outside the frame.

This man cave looks like serious fun! 

Man Cave with Pool Table
Photo: Tedx Designs

Sometimes a man cave doesn’t need anything more elaborate than tasteful colours, a few framed pictures and a wonderful pool table dominating the room.

This example shows that less can indeed be more, and that a man cave at its core is nothing but a room you feel comfortable in and can have a little me-time in peace. 

Man Cave for PC Gamers
Photo: Mit24H

Many adult men dream of a space where they can sit back and play their favourite video games in style.

This man cave with its many screens is a veritable haven for single player-sessions, and also hotly contested tournaments among friends. The stylish and ergonomic leather recliners make long gaming sessions not only possible, but actually comfortable, and the subdued lighting is just the right choice to keep attention firmly on the action on screen. 

Game Hunter

Man Cave as Minimalist Hunting Cabin
Photo: Decorilla

Typically you’d think about well-aged wooden walls, skulls of felled deer, and quite a few hunting rifles on display when thinking about a hunter’s cabin.

This man cave shows, that modern minimalism works just as well in a hunter’s lodge theme. 

A large travelling trunk serves as low table, the well-worn leather sofa expresses tradition and comfort in equal measures, and there’s not a single weapon or trap to be seen. It’s the details that thoroughly set the hunter’s theme: the beautiful, monochrome paining of a stag dominates the room, and the antlers-turned-candle-stand mounted to the wall pick up on a classic hunter’s theme, but gives it a more modern twist. 

Man Cave in Style of a Hunting Lodge
Photo: Imgur

This man cave is the exact opposite of our example above. This is a true hunter’s lodge transported into a basement – and oh boy, does it look great!

With a basic stone fireplace, a truly epic rocking chair, a whole lot of rifles mounted to the wall, and tons of bits and bobbles, accessories and decorations that most likely have been painstakingly collected in garage sales and flea markets, this lodge-style man cave is the perfect replica of a hunter’s dream.

Whether you are in favour of hunting or not, you’ll have to concede that this place looks really inviting and cozy! 

Music’s All Around

Man Cave Looking Like a Record Store
Photo: The Security Centre

For many men (and women) nothing beats the sound of a vinyl record.

And if you’re one of those people, you probably want nothing more than having your own record-store inspired haven in your basement.

With a bunch of record players, a whole wall filled with LPs, and a couple of instruments and comfortable chairs thrown in the mix, this man cave is pure heaven for any music lover out there! 

Man Cave of a Brit Rock Fan
Buitenleven Gevoel

This man cave without a doubt is a place where the Beatles would have loved to hang out.

The classic Brit chic of the bare brick walls, the wooden floor, and comfy leather chair are a thing of beauty in themselves. Add in lovingly framed guitars, a good amp, and a classic record player, and you find yourself in any Brit Rock lover’s heaven! 

Themed Man Cave

Man Cave Styled as 30's Cinema Ante-Room
Photo: Aabakc

When creating this man cave, the owner has gone all in for the prevailing 30s bar-slash-cinema theme.

The small bar actually seems to be the least important part of the room. More noticeably is the beautiful jukebox, but real place of pride goes to the stunning round games table that conjures images of classic gentleman gangsters chain-smoking while playing a hand of cards.

The lovingly created cinema entrance complete with cashier rounds out the look and is just the perfect way to incorporate the hallway into your prevailing theme.

Man Cave Fox Mulder's Office from the X-Files
Photo: Fuckyeahsciencefiction

Man caves styled after your favourite TV series are a great way to bring your fandoms really alive.

In this case, the man cave has been furnished and decorated to look like an exact replica of Fox Mulder’s office in “The X-Files”. 

All that’s missing now, is Dana Scully trying to make you see that there’s a reasonable, rational explanation for … well … everything. But you know: the truth is out there! 

Photo: Deviantart

This Tony Stark- inspired man cave is a veritable mecca for both computer and comics fans.

The multi-screen setup allows for immersing yourself fully into the DC or Marvel universe, creating new stuff yourself, and (usually an anathema for man caves) even working.

It’s a beautiful setup for anyone interested in electronics, super heroes, and is the perfect example for how a man cave really should mirror your interests and help you to follow your inspirations. 

Man Cave in Style of Starship Enterprise's Bridge

Any true fan of the Starfleet ships and universe dreams of being able to step foot into the bridge of the USS Enterprise one time in their life.

This man cave transports you right on board the Enterprise and gives you (and your crew mates) the perfect place to (re)watch all episodes in true Starfleet style. 

Man Cave Cigar Bar
Photo: Ceasars Palace

Is there anything more masculine than a cigar bar? We think not!

Why not style your man cave as a replica of the famous Montecristo Cigar Bar at Ceasars Palace in Las Vegas? 

All you need is good quality leather furniture, a selection of handmade cigars, top-notch whiskeys, and a couple of friends to enjoy the fruits of your labour with!